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GTA V Holiday DLC Items Not Found in Inventory


Rockstar games made its players very happy when it offered gift after gift to its Grand Theft Auto V players during the holiday season.

All the players who were using the online Holiday DLC had been able to add Christmas themed items to their inventory but now that the season is almost at its end and winter is about to bid adieu the Christmas gifts are also slowly disappearing from the inventory.

Players are angry and puzzled at this sudden item drain but have no clue of why this happened.

In a response to this Rockstar games the developer of The Grand Theft Auto V posted their response on their support website.

All players who are currently questioning this move are being redirected to this support page on the official website of Rockstar games. The developers very humbly mentioned that all the items in the Holiday DLC were only available for the holiday season only.

This futher sparked discontent among players who said they had no information of this move.

The confusion occurred because Rockstar games mentioned that these products were gifts which caused players to think that all the Christmas themed items like holiday clothing and weapons were theirs’ to keep forever.

One more reason why players did not take this very well is because the DLC was rather attractive.

It was interesting to see your characters dressed in funny Christmas like clothing with stocking masks, ginger bread masks, Christmas sweaters, mistletoe printed clothing and santa claus clothing.

Special holiday ammunition that included a rocket launcher that could fire only fireworks is also being missed.

The Festive Surprise event that was the name of the gifting spree was able to attract a lot of players from across the globe and caused game revenue to rise.

Although this move seems a bit awkward if you think from a players point of view, your perception would be different if you were to here Rockstar Games argument.

As per the developer it was important to move these items away so that  the Christmas feeling can be reserved for Christmas and not carried over throughout the year.

Come to think of it, it does make sense as it would be really stupid to see a player dressed like Santa on the multi player portal during the summer months.