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Guide To Choosing The 12 Most Importatnt iPhone Apps For Your New iPhone


If you are one those lucky chaps who has been able to get himself an iPhone or an iPod touch this Christmas, then by now you would be lost in the apple app store all confused as to which application you would want to download for your phone.

Below are a list of apps that we feel are the best for any new iPhone or iPod touch user and are quite easy to use.

  • Sky Guide :- Are you one of the astronomical junkies? Then there is an app that just right for you. The application called Sky Guide will be able to feed your inner hunger to study the cosmos. All you need to do is hold the iPhone up to the sky during night and Sky guide will help you identify Stars, Planets, Constellations and more astronomical information. Once identified, you can just tap the object and get detailed information about it. Other things can also be searched for; for example you can search for Satellites that is, man-made ones. The application will be able to tell you its current location, its orbit and its next position in the sky. The app costs $2.99.
  • Plane Finder:- Priced at $3.99 the plane finder will be able to help you find out which planes are flying over you at sky at that moment. Not that this will do you any good, but if your are expecting a friend at the airport you can start the application and you can know how much time your friend might take.
  • Dark Sky:- Dark sky also costs $3.99. It helps you know the weather. The application can be ordered to give you custom notifications and is able to work well on your apple watch. The notifications on the apple watch are convenient to read.
  • Overcast:- Overcast is a podcast player that allows you to find podcasts and also allows you to check which podcasts your friends are listening to on twitter. It allows you to prepare a playlist and organize them as per your choice.
  • Citymapper:- The application is a lot like google maps but is restricted only to your current city. You can calculate distance from your starting point to your destination, gives you option to walk by letting you knowing you the time that would be consumed. It also allows you to know which taxis or trains you can avail by letting you know by approximate time taken, costs, arrival and departure time.
  • Fantastical:- This app is priced at $4.99. The application allows you to type in the event the venue and the time with the date and the app adds the correct appointment to the work calendar. This also works well with apple watch.
  • Cheatsheet:- Cheatsheet is basically your password manager. You can save important passwords like WiFi passwords, Mail passwords, etc here and it will be safe.
  • Keynote:- The application is like power point for apple. This application costs $9.99 and lets you make a presentation and display it on a larger screen, either through your iPhone or your apple watch.
  • Camera+:- Camera+ costs $2.99. The application allows you to make your photographs beautiful by adding more options to edit photographs or capture them as per your tastes.
  • VSCO :- This application is a good one to use as a picture manager. It has good filters and can let you take images that look like they have been clicked by a professional photographer.
  • Tweetbot:- The Tweetbot app cost$4.99 and lets you get twitter alerts to your phone directly just like a mail app works.
  • Monument Valley:- Monument Valley is a game of the puzzle genre. It costs $3.99 and requires you to make constructions.