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Half Life 2 – What You Need To Know About The Ending


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Fans around the world waited so much for a Half Life 3 but all they got was a Half Life 2 ending which is a cliffhanger. And it’s a good thing, taking into consideration the series will somehow continue. It remained unfinished perhaps finally preparing the rest of the story for a Half Life 3 or an Episode 3.

From an interview with the former writer Marc Laidlaw we found out that he wanted to write another Half Life game that he would let him tie all the loose ends in the story while also step away from these game series. This way he wanted to take a bow and let the series be continued by the next generation of writers after he worked for Valve for nearly two decades.

Laidlaw also remembered the HL fans went through the frustration of the Episode 2 cliffhanger which hasn’t yet been resolved. He imagined that the next HL game that he worked at would have put his main character, Gordon Freeman, on hold in order to give a conclusion that the whole story will go on in HL 3, also being developed by another writer.

Marc Laidlaw stated that he didn’t know whether Valve will work or not on an HL 3 or the Episode 3 but what he knows is his intention on ending his work as a writer for the Half Life series even though they will confirm that the development for more games.

He had a great time working with the design team and considered himself lucky to land in a company where his writing tricks along with the teams’ competence had a chance at creating an amazing game.

He now aims for stepping away from the chaos there was in game production and try some new projects, writing some of his own stories.