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Half Life 3 – A Never Ending Suspense


Half Life 3 has been one of the most popularly talked about topics in the world of gaming in recent times, and it is yet quite unsure  if such a game will ever even release.

The gamers at large have been very excited about the release of the game, and the Half Life 3 game, which is expected to be a successor of the Half Life 2 game, which came out over a decade ago, is still under major speculations.

Half Life 3 is expected to release with a larger timespan, and is expected to feature a more humane storyline with emotional twists and turns, as per the current market rumors. It is also being expected that the game will be based completely on the Virtual Reality settings and might even be a VR Exclusive.

Valve and Steam have been heavily involved in the HTC Vive Pre project, as the companies have been creating games that will help promote the next gen technologies. Speculations over the fact that Half Life 3 might never even come out have been rising and have now reached an all time high. There are many such instances in recent times which indicate the game might or might not be coming out.

One such indicator is the current market demands. Owing to the high demands it is greatly anticipated that the Half Life 3 game might come out, as the markets, as of this moment, have been heavily demanding the game’s release, and it is expected that the Half Life 3 will come out just on that, as any announcement now would reflect in massive sales months later.

However, if there are many push factors indicating that the game is indeed coming out, there are many pull factors too which indicate that the game might not ever release. An endless suspicion surrounds the release of the game, and things are getting more and more confusing with every passing day now.

Marc Laidlaw, the chief writer and the man who has been hailed as the father of the Half Life series, too, has left the company, and things remain unclear after his departure. What steps the company takes is now up to them, but it will be a very sad instance for the gamers if the series has indeed been scrapped, which many rumors have actually indicated.