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Half Life 3 Latest Speculations – Is The Game Ever Going To Release?


Half Life series of games have been one of the most popular games when it comes to the world of gaming technology. The way the world of gaming has been progressing, more and more companies have been adapting the strategy of reviving old franchises and re-branding them as ‘reborn’ or ‘reboot’.

While most pro-gamers detest such moves, there is one such game which is awaited eagerly by pro-gamers as well as the ordinary gamers alike, and that is the next part of the Half Life series of games – Half Life 3.

Half Life 3 has been a game which has been in the rumors since quite a long time. The company has been expected to release this game since many years, but the gamers’ expectations are never met. With summer approaching, many announcements are expected to be made over the next few months, and one of the most popular rumors is the arrival of Half Life 3.

Valve has been a company which has been busy working with Steam and HTC over the arrival of the HTC Vive Virtual Reality device. It has been hailed as a device which will change the future of gaming as we know it to be.

With pre-orders already started, and the device expected to reach the users in another few days, we are all set to see a new revolution in the world of gaming technology as Virtual Reality hits the markets big time.

Half Life 3 has now been heavily speculated to release in Virtual Reality. The game is expected to be the first ever fully immersive VR game, made by Valve in association with Steam and HTC.

The fully immersive VR experience not only means the perfect light and sounds, but also the fact that the user can move around in the VR environment while he moves around in the real world.

Half Life 3 is now being anticipated to release in such a format. However the major obstacle here is his absence of Mark Laidlaw, the man who has created the series and has worked on development since day-1, is no longer working with Valve.

There have been many speculations that the departure of Mark Laidlaw might have an adverse effect, and it is likely that the game might not be scripted by him, if at all it comes out.

Valve is indeed giving second thoughts about this game, as the market demand is truly at an all time high and the massive user interest almost ensures good sales for the company.