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Harvest Moon : Seeds Of Memories Made Available To iOS For $9.99 Only


Harvest Moon seeds of memories is a game developed by Natsume Inc. It was first revealed in the year 2015 at the E3 conference that is held every June and is dedicated to gaming.

This is a new entry among the Firming or RPG games and will be priced at $9.99. Previously many such games that appeared to a part of Harvest Moon series were launched on iOS but none of them were really able to proof to be authentic.

This is the first Natsume created original Harvest Moon game that will be launched.

This game being made available for iOS devices like the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. It is also being rumored that an Android version of the game will be made available to users very soon. Hiro Maekawa President and CEO of Natsume Inc. said that the company was very happy to be able to satisfy the wish of the iOS users by launching Harvest Moon for their platform.

He proudly explained that this version of Harvest Moon for mobile was more like the console versions and will be able to reignite the same nostalgic feeling that one got back in the mid 90’s while playing the initial copies of the Harvest Moon series.

Natsume Inc. has ensured that the new version of the game will be almost similar to the older versions so that people can get a back their memories of playing this classic game. Anyone who plays Harvest Moon is required to maintain a farm become friend with the townsfolk, and unlock seeds of memories.

This seeds of memories would be available to users in an unlocked formed if users are able to befriend villagers, catch giant fish or take care of animals. Players will now be able to keep pets and will also have access to cows, sheep, chickens and horses. A brand new pet, a bobcat is also present in the game.

This bobcat is initially wiled but users will have to tame it. Other occasions in the game like cooking contest and starry nights festival were users will be able to pick a husband or wife have also been made part of the game. The game is now available for download in the apple app store.