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Have Two Whatsapp IDS? You Can Run Both on Your iPhone Device


Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app in today’s world, everyone knows about Whatsapp,that how it works and people use it mainly to keep in touch with their family and friends.

The download number of this app is increasing day by day, as this is the very fast way to connect with your loved ones and also very interesting as the user may use various emoji to make their chat and express their feeling in more perfect way.

If you are wondering to use two Whatsapp account or IDs from the same device, then the wait is over as the users of the iPhone will be able to use this feature on their iOS devices without any jailbreak. So the user should know how to use both the IDs on the same device.

To download the Second Whatsapp Application use and Outside Source

The user will not be able to download any application from internet, because apple never recommends it.

The reason behind this is, all the applications which are inside the app store are malware free and verified applications.

To install the Second Whatsapp account on the iPhone device, the user has to trust an outside source first and download directly from there.

Firstly, the user has to download, Whatsapp from the app store, the user will have to enter their mobile number to get it verified and then hav to log in on to their Whatsapp Account.

After this the user, will have to jump in their safari browser and have to open a link ipa.othman.cc/ipa/whats2.php.

Now, here the user will see a green button just below the orange Whatsapp icon, as soon as the user, hits the green button, the second Whatsapp application will be installed on the users iPhone.

Then, the dialog box will appear on the screen of the user, with the option asking to install or cancel the application.

The user has to tap on the install button, and has to exit the safari browser and wait for the second whatsapp application to be installed on their device.

Once the second Whatsapp application is installed on the users device, the user will have to go on the settings option on their device, like Settings>General>Profile and tap Trust iphone distribution : VNE Technology and Software Company Limited and hit the Trust button that is located somewhere in the middle right hand side of the screen.

After all this what user has to do is, they just need to open the second Whatsapp application which they have installed on their iPhone earlier and they will have to enter their phone number to get a verification code which they will have to enter for verification and they may easily login on to their Second account.

What were your experiences after using two Whatsapp accounts on your iPhone device? Do share by commenting right below.


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