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Headphone Companies Talking About the Headphone Jack Problem


We just saw the release of the latest iPhone products and along with it, a drastic change in the way people are using headphones. Understandably, this decision has raised lots of criticism. However, in a surprising way, companies that produce headphones have not been complaining about this, even though it changes their business completely. As it seems, they have been preparing for this for months now. Of course, there is another share of the producers who doesn’t even care about the fact that Apple changed something and if so, what exactly.

Most companies seem to have mixed feelings about this change. Though they might indeed have different opinions regarding this, they all admit that the publicity Apple brings to this domain of technology can only be beneficial for their businesses.

As such, Sennheiser representatives declared that they see Apple’s decision of allowing only Lightning as a connector is in fact a step forward for advancing technology and at the same time an opportunity to develop more and to expand.

Jaybird, the company that produces X2, declared through its general manager that Apple is merely following the direction imposed by the entire world: that of heading more and more towards wireless technology. Jaybird is happy that it can now sell more Bluetooth devices, which seemingly is more profitable than selling regular headphones.

Another company that expressed its point of view regarding the Apple subject was the Japanese Audio-Technica. Robert Morgan-Males, who works as a marketing director, declared that he appreciates the fact that Apple also included an adapter in the package. This is good because it allows people to listen to their music in the way they want to, leaving nobody behind. Audio-Technica will simple continue to cater to all the needs its customers have. Moreover, there seem to be a general trend among these companies to promise upcoming development for Bluetooth technology.

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  1. Of course “no problem”. Headphones companies are dancing around. There was a previous post that said that the only one who would benefit with the removal of the jack was Apple. Well, for all the reasons in that article, its not just Apple. It’s every single headphone maker. There will be an urge as never before for new headphones. Everyone who sells them will benefit

  2. Headphone manufactures sure are happy. They can sell a new product. Not only that it’s more expensive and a quicker planned obsolescence because the new products require batteries or proprietary ports that can be fazed out in a few years

  3. Apple could shock the world and kill Lightning in the “revolutionary” next years’ iPhone, if it will have wireless charging capability. After all, Apple pushes for the wireless future, right?

    It would be also inconvenient for users, though, as you would have to always carry with not just a Lightning cable, but the charger itself.

  4. They will NEVER have USB-C in their smartphone’s, it makes ZERO sense. They have nearly a billion devices & accessories that use Lightning, USB-C doesn’t have a percentage of that. Lightning is a great standard for them & it’s smaller than USB-C. Smartphone’s will be port-less by the time USB-C catches up to the ubiquity of Lightning in devices & accessories. We’re moving toward wireless, making another change in their port is wholly unnecessary. Unlike the 30-pin connector, Lightning is not oversized & isn’t hindering their innovation. When the numbers drop I’m sure you will see the mass market (you know, the people that matter) are fully behind the iPhone 7, regardless of a missing jack or it having a proprietary port. As the article has stated, Bluetooth adoption is on the rise, Lightning headphones are merely an alternative to the more desired wireless. The future is wireless, Apple knows it, headphone companies know it & consumers are all for it.

  5. I can’t envision a world where smartphones don’t have a port of some form. As a previous commenter mentioned, how do you charge on the go, say in your car or at work, at the pub, etc? Currently people can pull out a small battery pack or charge cable using an available outlet. With wireless only charging you would need your charge dock with you.

    The other issue I would see if losing the ability to plug into a PC to transfer a file. I know Apple wants all that to be done via cloud, but sometimes that may not be feasible.

  6. No one has seen the apple watch, right? It’s apple’s vision of the future. It never had the headphone jack. Had raise to wake and widgets on the “lock screen.” Now the phone does those things. Apple will probably drop the port.

    How will it charge? The most obvious is the exact same way the watch does. With a cable that magnetically snaps to the back. It’s a little bigger but the same interaction.

    you bring one to the bar. The bar just has one. You plug into your battery pack. It wouldn’t be a big deal. Just a little different.

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