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Here’s How To Avoid Games & Consumer Apps In Windows 10 Pro


If you have installed a copy of Windows Pro and you simply want to enjoy using it without being bothered all the time by un-businesslike apps and games that pop up all over the Start screen, there are two solutions. You can now avoid installing Candy Crush and other of its companions from the very beginning.

When Windows 10 Pro gets installed on a new PC, and you sign in with a local account or a Microsoft account, you will get access to various pro features that you would expect from a business-class system.

Unfortunately, you also receive unexpected apps onto your Start menu whether you like it or not. Candy Crush Saga, March of Empires, Bubble Witch 3 Saga are more will be splattered all over your screen.

Games and apps are preinstalled for financial reasons

If you also have to deal with an assortment of unwanted apps on a business PC, you may find yourself surprised to find out that these apps are preinstalled for financial reasons only.

App developers and Microsoft are hoping that at least a small percentage of Windows 10 consumers will run each of the apps and then pay for more. By doing this, Microsoft is somehow resorting to the same behavior that it criticized its OEM partners for a while ago.

How to get rid of unwanted app and games

There are two options from which you can choose that but be aware that each of them assumes that you are paying Microsoft for an additional business service or product.

The first option is to install Windows 10 Enterprise and sign in via any account type. If you do not have a Windows Volume License subscription, you can pay $7 each month for an E3 subscription.

Your second option is to install Windows 10 Pro and sign in via either Active Directory credentials on a Windows domain or using Azure Active Directory credentials such as the ones that are associated with an Office 365 Business or Enterprise subscription.

If you’re deploying Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise in a larger organization, you will have access to specialized tools that let you create a custom image that includes only the apps that you want your employees to have access to.