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Here’s What We Know About The New Need For Speed Game


The Need for Speed series was a huge hit in the early 2000s. Fans will be able to relive their youth in 2022 when Need For Speed returns. Next NFS is being developed by Criterion Games & Electronic Arts and might be published later this year.

EuroGamer reports that Criterion is currently developing Need for Speed, which might be released later this year, citing GameBeat’s Jeff Grubb. A new Need for Speed game could be released only for the PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X/S, according to Grubb in his newest GrubbSnax program. As for the game’s location, Grubb said rumor has it that the game would incorporate tracks and maps from Miami.

Need for Speed might only be available for the next generation.

If you’re a lover of the Need for Speed series and own a next-generation system, Grubb has some good news for you. The feature is exclusive to the next generation of gaming consoles. That’s the sole reason they’re moving to the next generation. Grubb also writes that I’ve heard rumors about the location, which adds to the confusion. Grubb goes on to say that it’s difficult to say whether or not there is a definitive answer to this question. I’ve heard comparisons to Miami, so I’m leaning toward the Underground theory.

As of right now, a release date for the next Need for Speed game has been rumored to be November 2022. It’s possible that the next NFS game may be released this year provided both EA as well as Criterion Games can manage to carry out their ambitions. It’s not clear whether the videogame will be available on Windows systems. Since Grubb makes it clear that the new NFS will only be available on next-generation consoles, there’s no way to know what the PC version will be like.