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Hom-Bot Turbo+ By LG Can Clean And Protect Your Home – Here’s How


LG’s new innovation, the Home Bot Turbo + is a genius of a creation by LG.

The device serves not only as a vaccum cleaner but also as a security device. Reportedly, this device will be better off than the Roomba and Dyson models.

It will make security rounds around your home and will ensure that everything is in prim and proper order.

The interface that the device functions on is the ‘Home Joy’ interface.

It would be responsible to accept instructions given by the smartphone of the user.

The camera of the smartphone can be used to tell the device where to clean.

The user simply points the camera at the dirty floor, and gives the instruction and Home Bot Turbo + lands up to do allt he cleaning.

This is almost like a sci-fi story called ‘The House that Died’ by Ray Bradbury, that we had all read in school.

Of course, the device does not have eyes. If you are wondering how it knows where it is going, then you are overruling the fact that be adding apt sensors to a certain device, obstacles can be avoided.

Along these lines, the device has a Triple Eye camera sensors, that prevent any sort of collisions.

Oh, and if you are wondering how it knows if a place is clean or dirty unless you instruct it, then you would be glad to know that the device has a memory which helps it to remember which spots it has cleaned and around what time it has done so.

This is a perfect device to own if you are in a habit of having guests at home but do not get to spend too much time around the house yourself to do the cleaning work.

Just instruct the device remotely to do the cleaning and it will do your job even if you are not there.

Asides, you can send it for security checks around the house, and see a live stream of whether everything is alright around your home or not.

The only thing that is a little weird is the idea that LG equipped it only with a 80V lithium battery, which can give merely 40 minutes back up.

That would not be too much of a help if you are going out for quite some time.

This innovative device is nevertheless a useful gadget to keep at home and you would be able to catch its first glimpses at a launch event by LG at the CES 2016, on Jan 6th.