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Honor 7 Best Tips and Tricks


The Honor 7 device is fairly priced and has decent specs that should make any owner proud. Even if it has a long-lasting battery, there are still extra pointers and tips you can resort to, if you want to make it last longer. Check out these pointers down below:


The Honor has the fast-charging feature on board so,  in order to enable it, head on to Settings and Power saving.

When the device is charging, turn it off

Another quick tip to save up battery life is to opt for the airplane mode or simply switching it off. This also works if you want to accelerate the charging process. With Honor 7, this technique does wonders. So, when your handset is charging, all you need to do is switch it off and just like that you will double the charging speed.

Deactivating the SIM cards does the trick

Owning an Honor 7 device permits you to deactivate both of your SIM card, or just one. Of course, this will make your phone pretty useless as you will not be able to use any of your mobile data. But, in the end it will have a positive effect on improving the battery lifespan. Just go to Settings and then Dual card management to make it happen.

Get ride of apps that drain your battery

There might be some apps downloaded on your handset that can leave your battery completely dry. It would be easier to scout them out and remove them. Look for the protected apps, which should be located in Settings, then go to Power saving and then simply click Power-intensive apps to find the culprits.

Activate power saving settings: Performance, Smart and Ultra

Power Saving Settings is a feature worth looking into, when it comes to your Honor 7 handset. You have the following choices: Performance, Smart and Ultra. So, the Smart option is great for daily usage and your battery will get the required boost. If you are curious about the Ultra mode, this one should be your last resort as it affects the way your handset works. With it, you can only call or text someone. Either way, you can give them a try.