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How to clean up your old Facebook messages


Facebook messenger application is easy to use and work upon, searching through a bunch of messages in your inbox is very hectic it seems like the users have a dozen emails.

But, here Facebook offers its user various kinds of tools to remove or clutter down the messages, through following points user will be more happy to know that how in less time the old and rubbish messages can be removed permanently and how the important one can be kept in.

Sometimes the user wants to delete the conversation immediately after finishing up the chat with their family or friends no matter what’s the reason behind, in easy way how we can do it, just follow these things given below.

On iPhone:-

To delete the message in messenger app on iPhone, what the user has to do is just choose the message the user wants to delete and swipe it from the right to the left of the screen, then the user has to press the delete button in order to erase the message, if the user wants to keep in the message just press the mute button in order to keep the message thread or press the more button to archive the message, or mark it to spam or mark it as read.

On desktop:-

The user has to open up the conversation which they want to delete and they will need to tap on the settings icon to access the same option.

On Android:-

The user will have to choose the messages and then press hold and down on it, and then the user has to select the Delete Option. There are also actions on list such as Archive, Mark as spam, Leave Group and Pin group.

Renaming Group Messages and then Pin them:

A thread containing multiple people, can be very hectic for user to remember, for what the chat was, the reason, the starting or anything will be very tough for the user to choose up a message which to delete or which not to delete.

On Android:-

The user just have to open the group message to rename the group and tap the i button in the upper right corner, then user need to tap the Edit button in the top right corner and select change name and the  user may swap down a group photo here.

Now if the user wants to pin the group, they will need to tap the Groups tab just next to Recent section and press the Pin button which is in the upper left corner. A list of all the users conversation will appear which the user may tap to pin.

On the desktop:-

As soon as the user chooses the option of rename a box will be coming up that will say Name the conversation and the user may write up there a new title.

On Android:-

Renaming a group chat is very easy on Facebook messenger as opening up the conversation and then users need to hold up their finger down on the name of that particular group, this will allow the users to edit it.