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How to Deal with the “Unable to Download Videos on Tubemate” Message


Tubemate is a popular app used to download Youtube videos and also the fastest one. Tubemate is used for watching, sharing and downloading YouTube videos. This app also allows users to surf YouTube while downloading videos.

Why Tubemate is such a popular app

Tubemate users enjoy its many features and options. It is the best app to transform your Android device into a movie cinema.

Other cool features are

  • Good downloading speed
  • The ability to download several videos at the same time
  • Auto-pause feature for when the internet connection is interrupted
  • Many video formats available, including MP3
  • Videos can be shared on SNS

Even so, there are a few errors users have encountered while using this amazing app such as: “unable to get video information”, “unable to play a video”, “unable to analyze video information” and “video is interrupted”.

How to deal with the errors

For Tubemate users who want to prevent seeing this kind of errors, the following steps must be taken:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Tubemate installed;
  • Click on the “Refresh Button” located at the bottom of the screen for refreshing the app. It is also recommended for deleting cookies.
  • Make sure you have enough storage space and if necessary delete some trash
  • Reset the device connection and download the video once more
  • Make sure Flash Player has been updated when streaming videos
  • Try factory restore mode and reinstall the app
  • For those using Samsung devices, a good trick is to reorganize Samsung account under Setting, Account and Sync.

The current TubeMate version is 3.0 and it includes a new and easy UI, improved Facebook and Instagram support and multiple Windows support.