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How to Edit Many Images on Your Mac


Be more effective! Save your time working with photos!

If you keep a blog, then for sure you are experienced in constant problems with processing a lot of pictures. To bring everything to the same size or put on every image a watermark is not a problem but takes a lot of time. It’s much easier to edit a batch of images. An excellent application PhotoBulk will help you to manage it.

PhotoBulk is an image editor that is designed to simplify a batch image processing: renaming images, optimizing photos, compressing the size of image files, adding watermarks. Also, PhotoBulk is the perfect converter from PNG to JPG for Mac, as well as a batch converter for other formats.

Open the application and drop the images you want to edit into the program window. Further, depending on your needs, select the necessary editing options that can be the next.

Interface. Enjoy simplicity and clarity

The interface of the program is straightforward. In fact, this is a window with four buttons. In the central part of the window, you need to drag the photos you want to process. The program will tell you the total number of photos for processing. Three buttons below at the left switch on/switch off modifications: installation of watermarks, change of the size and optimization of compression of images. The working window looks very clear. If you click on the title of the application, a single menu appears.

In this menu, you will see several items, including importing pictures, activating editing, working with templates. Also, there are standard functions such as saving, deleting, changing the name, checking for updates, data about the program and other things. As for importing pictures, it can be noted that there is a hint on the desktop that the addition of a photo can be done by merely moving to the application window.

Watermarks. Add watermarks to protect image files

Use reliable software to create watermarks on Mac to protect all the images that you are about to publish: the watermark can be represented as text, image, script or stamp with the date. The process is as simple as possible: drag one or more images into the application, select the type of watermark that you are going to use, and configure the settings as necessary. A watermark can be placed anywhere, with the desired size and proportions. You can add even a few watermarks. When it comes to your photos, there is no such thing as excessive protection. You can add as many watermarks of different types as you need.

Size. Get the perfect size

This Mac-application for image editing is very simple to use. You can change the width and height of all images at once proportionally, in percentage, based on the maximum size or enter your parameters. PhotoBulk will save the ratio of an aspect according to the new dimensions that you select for the images.

Optimization. Save disk space

When it comes to a large number of images for use on the Internet, each byte makes a difference. With the Mac OS Image Editor, you can compress many PNG or JPEG files with one click. Reduce the image size by retaining the original resolution, quality, and format.

Renaming. Keep your library of photos in order

Do not worry about the uninformative names of images, because with PhotoBulk you can rename any number of photos at once, changing their names to more informative, and not just informing about the date of creation of the picture. You can add any number of digits to the photo names and, if necessary, save the originals.

Editing in real time. Correct and see the changes

Evaluate how your edited images will look like with preview. Edit the resulting image and observe the changes in real time – rotate and resize the watermark until you reach the desired result. If you like the result – feel free to press the “Start” button, select the folder to save and wait for the end of the process.