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How To Move Gallery Items From Android 6.0 To Windows 10 – Simple Tips


Windows 10 and Android 6.0 are two very new operating system versions from the two most popular platforms of the world today, Windows and Android.

Both are superlative in their own way, but they come with their own share of caveats.

We are new to using both these systems and it is understandable that we do not have too much of a clue as to how we can clear any confusions that we have while we are working on the OS.

A very common problem is faced when users of Android Marshmallow devices want to copy data from the phone into the PC or if the requirement is the other way around.

There is a solution to this problem as well.

Windows 10 is well equipped to recognize devices and their types and it is easy to have Marshmallow recognize your PC as well.

However, you might be faced with an instance in which despite knowing each other, these devices may become iffy in terms of data transfers.

Sometimes, incomplete data might be moved and in other situations, we might see completely no effect at all.

In this situation, you will have to teach Windows 10 the behavior it should have towards your Marshmallow device.

First, you need to have the devices connected with a USB cable. The screen of the phone needs to be unlocked.

The cable that you have should be a data cable and not a charging cable.

After this is done, if you pull down your notification center on the phone, you would be able to see the USB for charging option.

This, if tapped will open up to give you more options, under which you will need to wait for the “Use USB For” option to come. Once this is available, you would need to choose “Photo transfer (PTP)”. When this is selected, the phone would be treated like a digital camera, and you would be able to move pictures.

For the other file transfers, you would need to pick MTP, or media transfer protocol, if you want to transfer other media, say for example videos or audio tracks.

This should be able to teach you how to do the transfers.

In case it fails, it would mean that the cable you own is a charging cable.

After media transfer is complete, remember to eject your phone like you eject pen drives; do not remove abruptly or the device may crash.

Good luck using two top notch platforms together!