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How To Save Instagram Photos – A Step By Step Guide


One of the most popular questions that we hear time and again is on how to save Instagram photos on your phone. With a large number of active users needing assistance on the topic, we have decided to come out with a detailed, step by step guide which will guide you on how to save Instagram photos.

Following are the ways by which you can save Instagram photos –

  1. Using the Instasave application:

To save your Instagram photos, download and install the Instasave app, then sign in using your Instagram ID and password. After you are signed in, you will then be shown the entire stream of photos that you have uploaded over time. You can easily save from that by tapping on the save button. The photo will then be saved to your phone’s gallery.

  1. Other Apps:

There are several other apps which can help you save your Instagram photos, such as ‘Photo Saver For Instagram’ or ‘Instagrab’. However Instagram might change their policies and these apps might stop functioning completely. These issues have especially come to light after an app named InstaAgent, which claimed to tell you about the users who visit your profile was found out to be a website which was catching the user data and was harvesting the user names and passwords to an unknown server. Instagram is now getting stricter on the third party apps access.

  1. How To Save Instagram Photos On PC:

While users can always save photos on computers using screenshots, a better and easier way to do this is via using Instaport – a website which gives you an option to bulk-download your instagram photos.

  1. Using the Instagram App

Probably the easiest way to do this is with the help of the Instagram app in itself. What many people might not be aware of is the fact that they can actually download the photos from the app while they are posting it as there’s an option in Instagram which allows the users to Save Original Photos. Screenshot_14

To do this, users need to log in to Instagram, and then open the options menu, from there users need to enable the setting which says ‘Save Original Photos’ and ‘Save Original Videos’. And doing that will then have the user save the edited photo on their phone.

We hope this helps you and gives you a clearer picture on how to save Instagram photos!