How to Save Instagram Photos?

Are you looking for a way to save a copy of the Photo you have edited on Instagram before Posting it, wish to bookmark a different user’s photograph to return to afterwards or download a photograph to your own computer, figuring out just how to do it could be somewhat tricky.

Instagram has some useful features that make downloading your personal photographs and bookmarking other users’ pictures simple, but it also prevents you from having the capacity to finally download any user’s photographs that you might do by saving a picture from a standard webpage. There are a few workarounds, which we will get to later, but let us begin with the most fundamental Instagram picture saving way of those pictures you post in your account.

1. How to Save Instagram photos on PC?


  1. View the Page Source to Locate the Image File
  2. Click on the three dots on any picture post from the Instagram program to copy the URL and paste it in an email on your own.
  3. If you are already seeing Instagram in the desktop computer web, you are able to tap the three dots in the bottom of any article and tap Proceed to article to look at its page.
  4. Once you get the picture URL on the background internet, simply right click and choose View Page Source to start a new tab with all the code.
  5. The image file end with .jpg. For this, use the search function by typing Ctrl+F or Cmd+F and entering .jpg in the search field.Instagram JPG URL
  6. The very initial .jpg you find must be the picture file. With the help of your cursor highlight everything from https://instagram to .jpg and copy it.
  7. Paste it in the URL field of your internet browser and you will see the picture look, which you’re going to be able to right click and choose Save to store it to your PC.

Different Websites using which you can save Instagram Photos on PC


From all the above website, you will be able to download your favorite Instagram Photos and Videos.

  • In order to download, first of all, visit the specific user profile in your pc.
  • Then, select the photo you want to download.
  • After this, click on the three dots and copy the URL.
  • Now, open any of the above mentioned website, and then paste the URL.
  • Lastly, click on download and photo will be saved in your device.

2. How to Save Instagram Photos on Android?


Save Instagram Photographs to Android with Facebook Messenger

Step1: With your finger, tap Instagram app in your Android Smartphone to start the program. Look around for the photograph that you would like to store on the Instagram.

Step2: Choose the Instagram Photo you want. Here, you will be able to see three vertical dots on the top right hand corner of the page. Click on the dots and there’ll be pop-up.

Step 3: Select Copy Share URL, This activity will copy the photograph to a clipboard for you to paste it anywhere you would like.

Step 4: Visit Facebook Messenger app and click on to start

Step 5: In the Facebook messenger app, search for “Repost Bot”. That is equivalent to looking for a friend on Facebook.

Step 6: Now, paste the copied Instagram URL and click on “Send” button. You need to paste by tapping on the display and holding for sometime.

Step 7: click “Download” button located in the bottom right hand side of this display. This activity will Save the photograph in your device or even pc as the case might be via

Take a Screenshot

Maybe the simplest unofficial approach to quickly save a replica of somebody else’s Instagram photograph would be to have a screenshot of it and then use a photo editing tool to crop it.

3. How to Save Instagram Photos on iPhone?


When you upload a Present photograph to Instagram without any of the in-app filter or editing features to make changes, you obviously already have a copy of it on your device. However, for people who snap photographs straight via the app or upload present ones using Instagram filters and editing effects applied to them, saving a copy of their completed product which gets posted may be easily and automatically accomplished by turning one easy setting.

Here is what to do:

  1. Navigate to a profile.
  2. Click the gear icon at the upper right corner to get your settings.
  3. Now Scroll down on the next tab till the time you view an option labeled Save Original Photos (under settings) with button just next to it.
  4. Click Save Original Photos to flip it on so it seems blue.

As Long since this setting is switched on, all your posts will be duplicated automatically as you place them in a new photograph album or folder labeled “Instagram” into your mobile device’s photo album app. By this, all of your posts along with those that you have snap via the Instagram app, those you have upload in the app with no changes in them and those you have uploaded in app by applying various filters effects.

Download Instagram Photos Using a URL

Among the methods to save Instagram photographs on iPhone is using the URL of the picture you desire. It is a tried and tested solution, but not that elegant, but it works and it is not that difficult to do. Here is the Way to save Instagram pictures on iPhone with the URL bar:

• Open Instagram and browse to the photograph You Would like to download
• Click the 3 dots at the upper right corner of your display
• Select ‘Copy share URL’
• Open Safari and ‘paste and go’ the URL you have simply copied
• Open notes and begin a fresh note
• Long press on the notice to paste the image
• Select the ‘share’ button
• Click save picture
• Your picture is now in your camera roll

Save Other Users Photos (as well as videos) to check Within the App

Save other user's photos

Instagram now includes a rescue feature built right into the program. Even though it only permits you to bookmark the photograph or video post tab and not really download anything for your device, it is better than nothing. Until recently, the only way that you could bookmark a photograph or video from another user inside the Instagram program was by enjoying it and then obtaining your formerly liked posts in the settings tab.

There are two main drawbacks of Instagram’s save feature:

  1. You will need an online connection to have the ability to revisit the stored article within the program.
  2. The saved picture could disappear if the user that posted it determines to delete it. Bear in mind, using the bookmark feature is merely a URL to the photograph — nothing gets stored into your account or your own device.

On The flip side, if you would like to follow along with the remarks on a favorite post, you are able to save the post and return to it later to browse new opinions, which can be at least very beneficial means to utilize it.

How to use Instagram’s New Save Tab?

The brand new Save tab appears as a Small bookmark icon on each user’s profile straight over the photograph feed from the horizontal menu. You cannot find the save tab on other customers’ profiles, but you can view it on your profile while signed in. This is to make sure that only you are able to see exactly what you’ve saved.

In order to save any post you find on Instagram, look for the bookmark icon on the bottom right corner and then tap it. It’ll be automatically added into a rescue tab and no notification will be transmitted to the user that posted it.

4. Best Apps to Save Instagram Photos

List of 6 Best Apps to Save Instagram Photos to your Android device is given below:

1. FastSave

FastSave for Android

Key attributes:

• Save many videos and photos to your device.
• Allows to Repost, Share or Delete.
• Amazing Download speed.
• Amazing UI dashboard to control stored pictures and videos & Set photo as a Wallpaper.


2. Saver Reposter for Instagram

Save Reposter for Android

Key attributes:

• Downloading videos & images immediately.
• Copy description or just hashtags out of a post.
• View the downloaded pictures on your mobile gallery.
• Switch between Instagram for this Program and vice-Versa in only one click.


3. Video Downloader for Instagram

Video Downloader for Instagram

Key attributes:

• Download Photos as well as Videos and repost on the Instagram.
• Copy hashtags out of Instagram Posts.
• Share videos and photographs along with other people.
• Allows multiple media downloading.


4. IV Saver Photo Video Download Repost for Instagram

IVSaver for Android

Key attributes:

• Easily Download Instagram Photos and Videos
• Copy Complete Caption out of an users post.
• Save, Share & Repost.
• Get all the details about the Instagram Profile


5. Repost for Instagram — Regrann

Repost for Android

Key attributes:

• Instantly download Instagram videos and photos.
• Repost Instagram pictures/videos immediately without leaving the App.
• Enable or disable Watermarks According to your need.
• Add Signatures Spontaneously to your captions.


6. Inst Download – Video & Photo

Inst Download for Android

Key Attributes:
– No login required
– Easily download photos and videos
– Explore, share photos and videos on various social media platforms.


List of 5 Best Apps to Download Instagram Photos on iPhone is given below:

1. InsSave:

Inssave iOS App

As Most of us know that finding the software for Instagram to download videos or photographs is quite infrequent. But, InsSave is your app which aids the consumer concerning downloading the videos or photographs to their iPhone device. If you’re the person who fed struggling to download movies or photographs in Instagram, subsequently InsSave is your solution. It’s quite easy for the consumer to get in their device.

Download InsSave

In regards to downloading procedure, you have to copy the connection of particular content and glue it. After finishing the procedure, be certain you click on “Download Instagram” and wait for several moments. At this time, you can see the downloaded photo or video in your own iPhone device.

To utilize this Very best app, all you want to cover this. We can give greatest priority for this app among all other apps to store Instagram videos and photos on iOS.


DownloadGram iOS App

It’s regarded as among the very useful applications to utilize for Downloading photos or videos for your iOS device. This app does not have a choice to download photos and videos. But it allow the user to download photos or videos by simply copy pasting post’s URL out of Instagram.

For your info, this program is worth as it pertains Downloading the Instagram posts. Any of the user simply have to copy the URL of this photograph or video and glue it to the DownloadGram then click on Proceed button. The downloading process begins.

3. InstaSave

Instasave iOS App

It is among those apps where the user of Instagram can utilize it. It’s totally free for the user to install this program in their iOS device. When the setup is completed, you’re now ready to log on your Instagram account at the program. However, the thing is that you are able to find the attribute to download photos or videos into your iOS device.

Download InstaSave

When it comes to app, it’s very easy for the user to access this app. In the conclusion of the afternoon, if you’re trying to get for the way to store other people’s photographs from Instagram, then this may be the ideal program.

4. SaveGram

SaveGram iOS App

It’s totally free for the user to get on iOS device. If the SaveGram can be obtained in your iPhone device, you want to login into an Instagram accounts with the assistance of this app. Once entered, you can browse to any movie or photograph from the favorite page or information feed depending on your wish. By seeing it, the consumer may easily download it into the camera roll in any respect.

The Significant highlight of the application is you can download the Pictures or videos in complete resolution. However, the important thing is that Instagram users must have their profile to public. To the men and women who are searching for a completely free program, then this may be the very best usage in your iPhone device. It’s the motive SaveGram is called among the best Programs to Conserve Instagram videos and photos to iPhone.


5. Instagrab

Instagrab iOS App

Here is the app where it is possible to use in your own iOS device. It helps to conserve any pictures, videos or direct messages onto your device. By using this program, thus the photographs are readily reposted and begin to follow along with another users.

At the exact same time, you might even share the post to other services such as Facebook and Twitter too.

5. Instagram URL Save (Save Instagram photos via URL)

If you have every tried to right click on and Save in an Instagram photograph in your pc, Or attempted to perform precisely the same on a mobile device by tapping and holding back on a photograph whilst watching it within a mobile web browser, then you’ve probably wondered why nothing pops up.

Instagram will work properly for saving copies of your photos to your own device or bookmarking them from the app since you own them but it doesn’t assert ownership of any material submitted to the app, so it is your choice to get consent from other users if you would like to utilize their own content. This is the reason it is so hopeless to download any photograph.

As mentioned initially, but there are a number of tricks to go around it. Just bear in mind that although users can do it all of the time, it is against Instagram’s provisions in the event the owner does not understand about it and has not given consent for it to be utilized by anybody else.

6. Download Instagram Photos in Bulk

Are you currently a quiet stalker or the one having fantastic respect towards a star? Possessing the whole assortment of the Instagram portfolio appears to be a win-win bargain for you. No? It isn’t important whether you wish to Bulk download your personal Instagram photographs or somebody else. We’ve got you covered in case. Without wasting any time, let us see the simplest way to download Instagram photographs:

Pre-Requisite to Download Instagram Photos in Bulk

• You require a pc to download Instagram pictures.
• Enough distance in the event you’re downloading all of Instagram photographs to outside storage.
• Google Chrome browser installed on Your Computer.

Step 1: Access Instag Downloader for Chrome. This really is a nifty Chrome extension that besides downloading your Instagram photographs will also allow you to download another person’s Instagram pictures.

Step 2: login to your internet Instagram accounts on

Step 3: once you’ve logged into your Instagram accounts successfully, head to the profile whose Instagram photographs that you need to download. For instance, view the profile given below

It is up to you if you would like to download all of the photographs, chosen videos or photos. Based upon your choice, tap the buttons given under your profile title.

Step 4: Then it will ask you to enter the picture number from where you would like to begin your download until the amount that you would like to prevent your downloading.

Step 5: Based on how big your download wait for couple of minutes while Instag Downloader does the task for you.

That is it! This is the way you can certainly Batch Download Instagram Photos in 1 go.

7. How to Save Instagram videos?

1. Check your Android File Manager

In Case you have an Android Smartphone, you do not even have to use any fancy sites or third party apps. Each Instagram video you see is stored on your cellphone.

In order to find it, use your phone’s file manager, to navigate to Data-> > Cache > Videos. Change the extension of one of those documents to MP4, and voila — you are going to have the video onto your mobile phone.
The videos are recorded in reverse order; the latest one you saw will probably be top of the listing.

2. Video Downloader for Instagram

If Working together with your file manager sounds like a lot of effort, Android consumers may discover plenty of specialist apps in the Google Play Store.

One of the most famous is Video Downloader for Instagram. It permits you to repost or download videos from the Instagram and Vine using one tap. The content is automatically added into a mobile’s Gallery app. Since the latest upgrade, the app may also download the tags which accompany the videos.



Wish To download all of your Instagram videos? Or perhaps each Instagram video you prefer? You are able to set an IFTTT recipe. To acquire the recipe functioning, you’ll require an IFTTT accounts, an Instagram accounts, along with also a Dropbox account.

The end result is an automatic procedure where any or your Instagram Video you like or add is automatically downloaded and added to a preferred Dropbox folder. What could be easier than that?

4. PostGraber


PostGraber Differs from lots of the other online Instagram downloader tools. Whereas nearly all of them can only catch 1 piece of content per article, PostGraber may download all of the videos and photos which are connected with one post.

All you will need is the URL of this Instagram post that you would like to download. You can get it on the smartphone app by heading to … > Copy Link, or in the browser address bar on the internet app.

Paste the URL to the box to the PostGraber site and click on Proceed. The internet app will look after the rest.

Notice: This program only works with public Instagram posts.

5. Dredown


Dredown, that is still occasionally known by its previous title, Instadown — is still among those first Instagram video downloader tools, and it is still going strong.

Much like PostGraber, all Dredown should operate as a URL. Here, you have to Paste the URL into the box and then click Dredown. In a couple of seconds, your browser will automatically begin downloading the MP4 file.

Dredown Works with much more services than simply Instagram. For all of the solutions it supports, you only have to URL of this post, video, or picture that you need to store.

6. Regrammer


So far, we have covered apps which lets you download Instagram photos on Android and Web. However, how can you download Instagram videos in case you are an iOS user?

Well, there are lots of programs in the App Store that simplifies the capability to get videos but they are often packed with advertisements and in-app purchases, and therefore are difficult to utilize.

The program is completely free, and though it’s ad-supported, the advertisements are not obnoxious and “on your face”.

The Instagram video that you would like to download to and rest live it on the app. Open the app, and then paste the URL and click on preview.

On the last page, you may opt to either download the video on your device or repost it on your name.

7. Gramblast


We will give you one more internet app. It is always sensible to maintain a couple of web apps for downloading Instagram videos from your toolbox, as they’ll often return for a few days at one time.

Be knowledgeable about the procedure for utilizing the service. Catch the URL of this video or image you need, then paste it in the Gramblast web app and click on Download.
Based upon how big the File, you need to have a brand new MP4 in your personal computer in a matter of seconds. You can use the video to re-upload into another social media Network, or simply keep it on your hard disk so that you may refer back to it later.

That’s it, we’ve shown you different methods in which you can save or download an Instagram picture. We’ve just shown you the tools and we are no way affiliated to any of the above mentioned tools, services or sites. In case you have a better alternative which could help people save their friends or their Instagram pictures, then comment with your favorite tool below, we’ll add it to our Best Instagram downloader list, if it works better than the above mentioned.

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