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How to Synchronise iTunes Music to Your Android Device


Taking your iTunes library out with you on Associate in Nursing Android smartphone or tablet isn’t any longer and not possible mission it accustomed be, there area unit variety of apps and services that may facilitate, as well as Apple’s initial major Android app.

We’ll bear the varied choices thus you’ll be able to opt for the one that works best for you.

Apple Music

Apple Music for Android remains a great deal, a beta application—and you have got to supply up $10 a month to use it—but as it’s an officer Apple app, it represents the foremost easy manner of gaining access to all the music you’ve purchased through the iTunes interface from Associate in Nursing Android device.

Or a minimum of that’s the speculation. We have a tendency to saw issues obtaining our iTunes playlists to indicate up within the Apple Music app—different ones appeared within the iOS and Android versions and to urge your foreign MP3s over they have to be available through Apple Music or uploaded as a part of iTunes Match.


Spotify has Associate in nursing choice to import native files from your computer: It’s under Preferences on the Edit menu within the desktop application.

Opt for your iTunes folder and every one of the relevant tracks are going to be accessible within the desktop app and through the mobile apps (including the Android one).

Using the mobile apps needs a premium subscription, thus this is often an alternative choice that may set you back $10 a month. There’s conjointly an additional tool to import your iTunes playlists.

Presumptuous your iTunes library is within the default place, opt for File, Import Playlists so iTunes from the desktop consumer.

Google Play Music

If you would like to save lots of yourself $10 a month, Google Play Music can do the work for you (whether or not you get hold of the unlimited streaming a part of the service).

The drawback is you can’t move playlists over directly, however tracks is transferred simply enough, even those purchased directly from iTunes.

From within the net app, opt for Settings then add a folder from underneath the Music from this laptop heading.

It’s then simply an issue of inform Google Play Music to your iTunes folder. Up to 50,000 tracks is hold on on-line for gratis and synced to your Android devices as and once needed.

Copy and paste

You might not have realised it, however if you highlight a list of tracks in iTunes so click Edit and duplicate, you’ll be able to paste the particular files (whatever their actual location) to a special folder on your system—in this case a folder on your Android device, once you’ve blocked it into your laptop.

Alternatively you’ll be able to paste the tracks into a folder synced to your automaton device. Whereas it lacks the comprehensiveness of a number of the opposite solutions here, it’s a fast and straightforward manner of obtaining a variety of tracks from iTunes to Associate in Nursing Android device while not jumping through too several hoops.

Third-party syncing apps

The likes of dropbox and Google Drive can synchronise files from your iTunes folder to your Android device and you’ll be able to even play individual songs from among the apps.

However, obtaining the files into the Music folder on your phone or pill isn’t simple, thus it doesn’t very work for quite a couple of songs.

If you’re employing a music player on your automaton device that isn’t Google’s own Play Music, then Bit Torrent synchronize is perhaps a stronger option, tracks area unit synced straight from laptop to device while not involving the cloud, and you’ll be able to save them on to the Music folder on your Android device.