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How to Take Professional Pictures with your Mobile Phone


Let’s be honest, most of the photos we take are taken with our mobile phone. But we do not get the best pictures all the time. So we thought to present a series of tips to get better pictures with your phone.

  1. Clean the lens

It matters very much to have clean lens, sometimes dirt can get on the camera. Though these may seem very fine traces are quite noticeable for the optical sensor and can lead to blurry photos. So next the time you pull your phone out of your pocket for a picture, check how clean the camera is.

  1. Stand still

The ugliest pictures are those when the whole picture is moved and we think we all took at least one picture of this kind. One solution would be to buy a phone tripod; in this case you can be sure that the picture will be as clear as possible. You can use the timer in the app to reach for the camera. Some phones have an integrated digital image stabilization which reduces hand movements, so make sure it is activated.

  1. Focus

Maybe sometimes you are in a haste to take a picture, but if it is not the case, take your time and focus. Focuses on the subject or the point you want to be in the center of attention. In most of the phones focus is achieved by touching the screen where you want to focus and there you go.

  1. Without digital zoom, pixels are limited!

If it’s too far away, maybe you can try to go near to your object, if the circumstances allow you, but under no circumstances touch the digital zoom if you want a good picture. Digital zoom will not do anything but to reduce the number of pixels in a picture and then crop the rest of the picture. The same result you can get from a picture taken with no zoom through processing.

  1. Follow the light

If possible use natural light and no flash. You have to find the position at which light strikes best the person / object / scenery that you want to photograph. Light must beat behind the phone; otherwise you’ll end up with some very dark picture with characters. Also you can play with the ISO setting, which will allow more or less light to the optical sensor.

These are the main tips that you must account to get the most successful pictures with your phone. Of course you can always call in extra help from additional applications for enhancing your photos, applications like Snapseed or Photoshop. But first you have to have a successful picture to work with. Keep on shooting!