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How To Use WhatsApp’s New Privacy Settings To Control Who Can See Your Profile Pic & Last Seen

Credit: Dima Solomin on Unsplash

In the previous 2 days, WhatsApp has introduced many new capabilities to its program. There is a new data privacy option in the program that enables users to restrict who may view their account image, last seen, and information portion of the app. Second, there have been a few upgrades to WhatsApp team calls made by the company.

It was stated on Twitter – June 16, 2022, that WhatsApp was adding a new security setting feature. It used to be that just three choices were available when it came to limiting who could view their profile image, last seen date, and personal information. WhatsApp users may now utilize the My Contacts Except anonymity feature to keep their profile pic and last seen information hidden from select contacts on the network. In WhatsApp, the My Contacts Except settings tab has been accessible for a long time, but exclusively for the purpose of posting a Status message.

During a group conversation, WhatsApp users will soon be able to silence the other members. Additionally, users will be enabled to communicate with other participants in a shared call by sending individual texts. Additionally, if a person connects offscreen, WhatsApp will display an advertisement. Both Android & iOS WhatsApp users may now make use of these new capabilities. Yet, it may be some time before all users can access them.

A Group Membership Approval functionality seems to be under ongoing development on Android, according to WABetaInfo. Administrators of groups will have control over whether or not the functionality is available, according to the report. In addition, an admin-only component of the group’s data will be made available with the addition of this functionality. Controls for viewing and managing requests to join the group through group invitations will be found in this section. Remember that WhatsApp previously expanded the number of people who may be joined to a group from 256 to 512 with the introduction of the Group Membership Approval.