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How to Watch Online Videos and Movies Without Wi-Fi or Mobile Data


The entertainment industry is changing as we speak. Movie companies have realized that people hate being forced to sit in front of the TV and watch endless ads in order to enjoy a good movie or TV show and they created online streaming apps. The most renowned online streaming app is Netflix and it features cool shows, but the best thing about it is that Netflix funnels revenue into original content that can’t be found on other websites.

The Entertainment Business

When we are talking about the entertainment business, nowadays this term also includes YouTube. There are thousands of content creators who dedicate their free time to creating interesting videos that range from basic “Let’s plays” to “How to” guides and daily vlogs. Therefore, getting entertainment on your smartphone has never been easier now that Netflix and YouTube are around.

Online Videos

Yes, Netflix and YouTube will provide you with a better media viewing experience than the TV does, but there is a downside to them. Both apps require smartphones to have a stable Wi-Fi connection or mobile data. While this might not such a bad thing, free Wi-Fi is hard to find and mobile data is expensive.

Cellphone plans in the US are infamous for being expensive and going over the limited mobile data that you have in order to stream online videos will cost you! Fortunately, there is a way to watch online videos without Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Watch Videos Without Wi-Fi or Mobile Data

The best thing about having an Android powered smartphone in your pocket at all times is the fact that you get access to an unlimited number of apps. These apps have been designed for all types of purposes and one of them makes it possible for everyone to watch online videos without needing to connect their smartphones to Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Introducing VidMate

For those who are not familiar with VidMate, this is an Android app that can download online videos. This makes it possible for people to fill up their smartphone’s internal storage space or microSD card with lots of cool videos that they can watch while they are on the road. As you can probably tell, VidMate is quite popular in the Android community.

VidMate Updates

Another great thing about VidMate is that it’s constantly being updated. The app is always receiving new features, software improvements and bug fixes in the form of APKs. The reason why developers need to release all their latest updates in the form of APKs and not through the classic OTA (over the air) method is because VidMate is not listed on the Google Play Store.

The fact that VidMate can download videos from all websites means that its features go against the terms of services of those websites. This makes it impossible for VidMate to be listed on the Google Play Store because it would mean that Google is encouraging people to download online videos.

How to Install VidMate

On the other hand, there are many reliable APK websites that make it possible for interested Android users to download VidMate. The only thing that Android users need to do is to pick an APK website of their choosing and to enable the “Unknown Sources” feature which can be found located in the “Settings” panel of any Android device.

The last thing we need to mention about VidMate is that since it comes in the form of APK, all Android users are required to download and install it manually. This is the case with all APK apps and updates.