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HP Chromebook11 G4 Education Edition Laptop Priced At $199 Is A Hit With Schools


With everything becoming computerized the educational sector has also demanded that children become more tech savvy.

When education can be provided through the internet just on one device, it becomes unnecessary for the child to carry a dozen school books and note books in his bag every day. HP has joined the race for digitizing education.

Recently Apple has introduced its classroom app for helping kids study with the help with iPads. Microsoft came in to the picture by launching the Minecraft education edition which enabled kids to learn while playing.

HP’s response to education has been in the form of a brand new Chrome book termed as the Chromebook11 G4 Education Edition.

The device runs on Google’s Chrome OS. Designed specially to withstand careless handling by kids, the device is rather sturdy.

It can survive and can appear practically unharmed even when dropped from a height of 27 inches which would be something common in a scenario where kids are involved.

The design has been made in a way that it has been able to successfully meet the MIL-STD durability tests.

The reason it can survive these drops is because it has edges molded with rubber. The keyboard has been made spill-resistant because kids will always tend to spill food and drink on these devices.

Perhaps the most important feature of the G4 Education Edition is the price. For only $ 199 this device will be able to provide you and Intel Celeron N2840 processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB inbuilt storage. It comes with a really handy size as well.

The screen size is merely 11.6 inches, which makes the device almost the size of a normal textbook, much easy to carry about the school campus. This is a rather good feature, as kids might have found it rather difficult to lug around a bulky 15 inch screen laptop.

Another really interesting addition to the design that deserves mention is the addition of a special hinge that will make it easy for the screen to be lay completely flat on the desk.

This can help a group of kids to easily look at one screen and can help a teacher address a group of kids at the same time.

At the moment, this device has not yet appeared on the website.