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HP EliteBook Folio is Sort of a MacBook That Runs Windows


The technical world has historically cared a lot. However a factor appearance — and therefore the feeling you get is great and will be equally as vital.

That is an inspiration the technical trade has slowly been discovering on, with fashionable phones, modern wearables, and recently, even some sleek Windows notebooks.

The most recent beneficiary is HP’s EliteBook Folio, an innovative laptop computer that is skinny, light, and is pretty darn sensible to seem at.

The EliteBook Folio is HP’s answer to the MacBook. It is not the foremost powerful laptop within the world, however it is easy to require around with you and, in future generations, can possible grow rather more capable.

The machine is running on one amongst Intel’s Core M processors (either associate M3, an M5, or an M7), all from the new Skylake line. Storage ranges from a 128GB SSD to a 512GB SSD, and RAM sits at 8GB.

At its entry level, the Folio includes a 12.5-inch 1080p display, however anyone shopping for this can possible need to spring for its 4K possibility. I wasn’t in real time blown away by its colors, however the 4K screen still looked nice within the short time I spent with it.

That means, just like the MacBook, the Folio is actually attending to be a machine for the fundamentals. The user can’t edit video on this, and you may need to attend for reviewers to see out however well its processor is in a position to handle that 4K option.

It conjointly shares similar limitations, like having a vacant minimum of ports, simply 2 USB Type-C ports and a phone jack. Battery life is meant to run concerning ten hours.

On the opposite hand, just like the MacBook, the EliteBook Folio is exciting because of its beautiful features.

The laptop is below 0.5 inches thick and is meant to weigh but 2.2 pounds. Physically, you will probably be reminded a lot of Dell’s XPS thirteen than something by Apple. The Folio has equally little bezels that emphasize the show over the pc as a full.

It’s made from aluminium, therefore it feels sensible, too. And like most Windows laptops, it will be designed to incorporate a touchscreen. The Folio does not flip around, however its show will be tipped back till it’s nearly flat against a table.

While H.P. expects customers to shop for the EliteBook Folio, it truly considers this machine to be a business laptop.

For the foremost half, you’ll ignore that and avoid add-ons sort of a revolving credit reader, however there are some things concerning the laptop that are tuned specifically for business users.

That has its audio system, which is meant to be targeted on voice, instead of music. H.P. says Skype calls ought to return through; it’s unclear if that’ll have an effect on music and films sound.

CORE M is LESS POWER, it means lightweight AND QUIET

Still, the Folio is probably going one amongst the nicest laptops we’ll see unveiled at CES. Its middle-of-the-road processor may provide it a tough time with a lot of powerful rivals just like the the XPS13, however the Core M’s fanless style is also simply what some buyers are looking for.

Price of the Folio starts at $999 for a 1080p model; H.P. hasn’t determined nevertheless what proportion it will price to urge one with 4K. They are presupposed to continue sale in March.

In addition to the EliteBook Folio, H.P. is asserting variety of alternative new and updated laptops and tablets nowadays.

The foremost notable among those may be a larger version of the Spectre x360; it’s a 15-inch show which will be upgraded to 4K.

There is conjointly a brand new 12-inch model of HP’s collapsible shelter x2 convertible tablet, which incorporates Atom and Core M processors. Alternative models in HP’s EliteBook line also are obtaining a description refresh.