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HP EliteBook – Mac Design, But Windows Platform


With so many laptops and tablets running around, Apple has dominated the scene when it comes to being branded as the premium range of devices.

However, now HP has decided to challenge Apple’s technical capabilities, especially in terms of the MacBook.

The company is going to be coming up with the EliteBook, which will be launched as a direct competitor to the Macbook.

But does the device have what it takes to combat the MacBook? Read on to find out!

The EliteBook Folio, as the device has been flashily named, is a powerful device. Although you cannot call it premium, it is better than most other portables you will get in the HP range, because it comes with powerful internal parts, lending it a better edge over the others in its category.

Speaking of performance power, the device is going to be a great joy to have around, particularly because it has great potential.

Being equipped with the Intel M range of processors, some being M3, an M5, or an M7, they are all parts of the Skylake range of processors that will evolve to be more powerful in future. Just like the Windows Surface tabs, the EliteBook Folio will come in a variety of storage options.

Starting from 128GB SSD to a 512GB SSD, none of the models will have RAMs less than 8GB, which means that they are ready for any future changes that might come their way.

Moreover, its 12.5 inch screen boasts of 1080P to 4K resolution and although not stupendous like the MacBook Retina display, is able to deliver a good quality video output.

The gadget, on the downside, still looks like it could still make use of some major improvements. Like mentioned, the screen might have boasted of 4K resolution but experts who reviewed the device have mentioned that there is still a lot of room for improvement. Moreover, the device lacks ports.

The number of USB type C port is also low, that is just two, which might make one of the reasons why you will want to ditch this device for a different one in future.

The Elitebook can provide you with about 10 hours of usage which is just about average and most other devices provide similar or more backups, so there is really nothing very commendable about it.

Lookswise, the device strongly resembles the Dell Xps 13, but there is one reason why you will love it; the device is just less the 0.5 inches thick and weighs just 2.2 pounds, which is rather convenient to lug around.

The device will be showcased at CES 2016.