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HTC Launches 3 New HTC Desire Range Of Smartphones at MWC 2016


HTC has been one of the biggest names when it comes to Smartphone technologies. The company has been there from day-1 when it comes to the Android OS, and a little known fact is that the first ever phone making company to commercially sell its devices using the Android OS back when it originally came out was HTC!

The company has had a long association with the Android devices and also maintains a good relationship with the Windows platform.

The company has been one of the leaders in terms of design, but off late, the numbers have not been indicating so for HTC.

The company is losing out on a lot of opportunities and has not been doing particularly well in the markets of technology.

HTC, reportedly was going through hard times and was under pressure to perform. The company had been coming out with smart devices, but were not able to convert it into cash.

However, HTC has now been doing better than earlier anticipated, and the company, even in times when the markets face a major slowdown, has been releasing more devices.

HTC has now launched three new smartphones in the HTC Desire range of phones. The company has not been doing exceedingly well but the phones have been priced in at a low to mid budget price point, and come with a ‘streetwear art’ appeal to them.

The phones that have recently released are the HTC Desire 530, 630 and 825. All these three devices run on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS.

Out of these three releases, the 530 and 630 come with a 5 inched screen. While the Desire 530 features the Snapdragon 210 SoC, and runs on 1.5GB of RAM, the HTC Desire 630 runs on the same 5 inched screen, but features a 2GB RAM, and a Snapdragon 400 processor.

The device also has a 13MP camera which is better than the 8MP camera of the 530. However the front cameras of both the devices are placed in at 5MP.

The company has also released a third device in the HTC Desire series at the same event, which his the HTC Desire 825, which comes in with almost the same features as the HTC Desire 630, but features just one difference – a larger screen, as it comes with a 5.5 inched display.