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HTC One M10: Release Date, Specifications and Features


HTC One M9 smartphone didn’t live up to the expectations of its developers as well as the users, this report is according to the various tech experts and there are also anticipations for its redemption.

Rumor is that HTC is functioning around the clock to unleash a stronger successor to the perceived unsuccessful One M9 within the future year – 2016.

Speculations started doing rounds back in August 2015 that the Taiwan-based manufacturer can have HTC O2 as its next flagship, however later hearsays prompt that the project was ditched, and a replacement was created dubbed HTC M10.

The reputed flagship has been given a codename – Perfume (fragrance).

Display and Design of the HTC One M10

Featuring curved edges with Associate in Nursing exceptional finish and style, the look of HTC One M10 is projected to arrive in 2 colors (Deep Garnet and Steel Grey) which will be very  sleek in comparsion  to  M9’s design.

HTC is among the primary phone makers to create its phone covers out of metal and such the anticipated 2016 flagship may imitate.

There are some potentialities that HTC may embrace glass material at M10’s back facet just like in Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Sony Xperia Z5.

The claimed HTC perfume is anticipated to arrive in 6-inch 1440 by 2560 QHD resolution show.

There are alternative speculations that recommend the flagship that may maintain the M9’s screen size of 5’ however additional increased with a 4K resolution display.

Specifications and options

According to several smartphone experts, the success of any smartphone is attributed to the sort of the central process unit mounted thereon that interprets to the phone’s general performance and output.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chipset is anticipated to run the HTC One M10 attributable to the previous snobbishness of HTC using these CPU’s varieties on their smartphones.

The expected 3.0 GHZ 8-core processor is anticipated to reinforce the performance of M10’s operations at a brilliant superb speed as compared to the previous HTC’s flagships.

Previous claims and complaints concerning Qualcomm’s chipsets on heating were passed through.

The chip is currently increased on a 14nm Low-Power Performance (LPP) tech that exhibits higher performance empty plummeting the device’s battery life.

For an extended time, HTC devices are running on Android with the famous HTC Sense which is overlaying the OS.

The anticipated HTC Perfume can run on Android’s Marshmallow with HTC’s Sense eight which is high of the OS.

However, no details prompt regarding future Android’s updates further as Sense’s next version, however those higher may likely to be found on the new flagship.

There are rising technologies on mobile security measures. HTC has introduced its new security feature which is known as biometric scanner which is there on HTC One A9, the HTC Company would be terribly inappropriate to not embrace the technology on its expected new flagship.

The fingerprint scanner technology will probably be there in HTC One M10 but there is no specific locations on wherever it’ll be placed are prompt.

The tissue layer scanner might even be anticipated because it is that the most presently talked of tech concerning mobile security.

World of images

HTC One M9 consists of ultra-pixel 20MP rear camera that’s claimed to exhibit low performance than expected because of poor lighting management.

For the M10, the company is anticipated to suit a 16MP primary snapper in the midst of a Sapphire lens cap, optical image stabilizer, and optical device laser focus options.

The front selfie Associate and video chatting camera are going to be of 4MP with an OLED display.

Release date and worth

Rumors are encompassing Samsung and Qualcomm’s exclusive influence the South Korean firm using the latter’s chipset until April 2016, may provide clues to the date of unleashing the HTC One M10 further as alternative expected phones counting on Snapdragon into the market next year.

If HTC decides to use the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset, then the Taiwanese manufacturer may launch its flagship within the second quarter of 2016 – providing the rumors are confirmed true.

On the basis of previous release dates of HTC One models, there’s additionally an occasion that the M10 may launch around April 2016.

HTC One M7, M8, and M9 launched on April 2013, March 2014 and March 2015 severally.

The sequence may likely be an equivalent if nothing changes with the manufacturer.

The possibility of the release date of M10 can be throughout the 2016 Mobile World Congress that’s regular to require place as from twenty second to twenty fifth of Feb.

With the given speculations and also the gift market, the HTC One M10 may cost like $ 650.

In future HTC may announce some other details regarding to M10.