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HTC U12 Plus Leaks – What We Know So Far?


The future HTC smartphone strategy has been not decided yet, as far back as Google purchased some part of the telephone division at HTC, thing in includes the group that took a shot at the Pixel smartphones. Presently we are getting some clearness, at least or the current year: the up and coming HTC U12 Plus will be the company’s flagship of 2018.

Isn’t this whole plan a bit risky?

That is as indicated by “a confided source” addressing HTC Source. Evidently, HTC needs to streamline its smartphone operations going forward and has dumped uncovering the second flagship around October or November.

So this year HTC is coming straight out of the entryway with the full and high-spec Plus model, as opposed to saving it for later in the year. It should make picking a smartphone less demanding for buyers in any event, with fewer handsets to pick from and no minor redesigns descending the line to stress over.

It seems that they’re changing their strategy

We’re expecting that the HTC 12 Plus will break cover amid May, and those aware of everything that’s going on, say it will be released over the world in the meantime. There are additionally some words that the company will utilize a portion of the billion dollars it grabbed from Google to ensure that the 2018 flagship has plenty of advertisement.

A lot of other smartphone creators, such as Samsung, LG and OnePlus, released a few flagship smartphones each year, more often with little specs and features updates to entice in new purchasers. It sounds like that is not a diversion HTC needs to play anymore.

This tolls in with past reports anticipating that HTC would downsize its smartphone operations, maybe to concentrate more on its virtual reality equipment and different interests. We’ve just observed two or three mid-rangers from HTC this year, such as HTC Desire 12 and 12 Plus, so with the HTC U12 Plus that could be everything for HTC smartphones this year.