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HTC U12+ with Snapdragon 845 and 6GB of RAM Price Unveiled


A while ago HTC announced that it plans on releasing a new smartphone that’s going to ship with powerful specs and an all screen display. The smartphone is called HTC U12+, and the tech company didn’t want to confirm when it plans to unveil it. Fortunately, a new leak is showing us how much the smartphone is going to cost and what type of specs it will have to offer.

HTC U12+ Leak

First off, we need to mention that this leak was posted on one of HTC’s official websites by mistake. Roland Quandt is a known and reliable leakster and he was the one to point HTC fans towards this leak. Not having any other option, HTC took the page down but it was too late.

Price Tag

According to the new leak, HTC U12+ costs 5,888.00 Yen which converts $53. Considering that HTC U12+ ships with a set of premium specs, we think this price is a monthly subscription plan and not the smartphone’s full price. In addition, the leak unveils that HTC U12+ will be available in the Ceramic Black, Flame Red, and Perspective Blue color options.

Premium Specs

As previously mentioned, HTC U12+ is paired with premium hardware specs and this is why we can be sure its full price will not be 5,880.00 Yen. With that said, let’s check out what are those premium specs and see if HTC U12+ is worth our attention or not.

Starting with the display, HTC U12+ impresses us with a 6.0-inches Super LCD6 screen that has an 80.3% screen to body ratio. The display features a 1440 x 2880 pixel resolution and a pixel density of 537ppi.

Moving on, HTC U12+ shines the most when it comes to performance power because it is fueled by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 845 CPU alongside an Adreno 630 GPU and 6GB of RAM.

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