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HTC Vive Available For Pre-Orders February 29th


It’s getting down to look as if 2016 might be the year Virtual Reality (VR) finally arrives as a group.

Just days when Oculus declared that its much-anticipated Rift handset would drop for a cool $599, HTC unconcealed that its model, dubbed the Vive, would be offered for pre-order from coming February 29th.

HTC business executive Cher Wang told the Telegraph that the corporate is aiming to refocus itself around VR product, according to the reports, the burgeoning virtual reality sector has become a lot of vital to the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer than its traditional core market of smartphone handsets.

The corporate is predicted to start shipping the Vive (pictured), that it’s been developing together with video game developer Valve, in April.

Medical, Education and Retail Applications

Those dates in all probability can’t come back quick enough for HTC. The corporate was once one in all the most important handset makers, with models like the Nexus line of Android phones.

But competition from Chinese makers on the low finish and therefore the Apple iPhone on the high finish has squeezed the corporate nearly out of the market.

Whereas it once commanded a 10% share of the smartphone market, it’s since folded to around 1%, bringing the company’s stock value down with it and sparking rumors of a doable acquisition.

The pressure on its smartphone business considerably raises the stakes for the Vive’s debut.

HTC has been steady building anticipation for the new device ever since it had been 1st declared last March.

According to the developers of HTC team, “We have centered on developing immersive content, processing each hardware style and user expertise, and building relationships with new partners each within and out of doors of the Gaming trade” the corporate wrote on its diary on the Vive’s status or standing last month.

“In collaboration with Valve, we’ve been distributing the HTC Vive developer kits to developers and content creators, and continued to figure with several different innovative firms to form content that spans diversion, recreation, medical, education and retail,” in step with the corporate.

Crowded Field

As a part of its strategy to create interest within the platform, that uses Valve’s Stream VR technology, the corporate hosted a developer conference in Beijing last month, and debuted the second generation of the Vive’s development kit at CES 2016 in urban center last week.

The corporate said it’s additionally creating a further 7,000 units of the Vive offered to developers before pre-orders begin.

HTC will be revealing a lot of data regarding what form of content is going to be on the Vive later this month.

That may not be enough to win the future VR platform wars, however. Besides Facebook’s Oculus, that is ready to ship in March, HTC will have competition from the likes of Playstation and Gear; that are developing their own systems.

Pricing is probably going to be another crucial issue. Though HTC hasn’t unconcealed the value of the Vive, Facebook has already declared the Oculus is going to be coming back at the price of $599.

The Vive can probably retail for that much only; however its success may depend on HTC positions it relative to the opposite future platforms which are coming up.