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HTC Vive Pre Release Date For Preorder



The Taiwanese company, HTC has officially announced the date when you will be able to pre order their new virtual reality kit, the HTC Vive Pre.

If you are among those who want a kit for virtual reality in the near future, the HTC Vive Pre should be one of the main solutions available for you. The device created by the Taiwanese manufacturer managed to impress all of us in 2015 when we have tested it at Gamescom, and now it seems that we will be able to preorder it, sometime in the next month. As stated by Phonearena in an article, HTC has made the official announcement that the device will be available for preorder on February 29.

The new Vive Pre includes a pair of smaller glasses than its predecessor and smaller controllers. Also the glasses now include, among others, a front camera and sensors. The harness straps were improved, and on the inside, users can now mount various layers, depending on their comfort and preferences.

According to Android Central, the Taiwanese company seems to have improved the quality of the displayed images, the display is now brighter and the movements are more natural. The controllers have been modified, with the new versions more ergonomically designed, two new buttons have been added and the battery autonomy has been increased to four hours. You can read more about Vive Pre in the article previously posted on the matter.