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Huawei MateBoox X Top Range Laptop Available with 512GB SSD


Huawei has taken on laptops, and we are not talking about the affordable models. MateBook X is a model that competes directly with the Apple MacBook Air. If it does manage to be better we don’t know yet, but from the first information about its release, the Huawei laptop looks very good.

MateBook X is not the first Huawei laptop. They have had several attempts in the past, but have been forgotten as soon as they were launched. MateBook X may have the same fate if it is not promoted intensely.

Book X has a 13 inch screen, 2k resolution with 4:3 aspect ratio and equipped with the latest generation of i5 and i7 processors. It has a 4.4 mm margin and a 88% aspect ratio. It sounds good. The RAM is 4 or 8GB, and storage is of SSDs of 256 or 512GB.

As a connectivity, it offers USB C ports on each side, a fingerprint sensor integrated with the power button, Dolby audio, HDMI, DVI, and a normal USB. The battery offers 10 hours on the paper.

In Europe it will cost 1400 euros with i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB storage, 1600 euros in 512GB storage and 1900 euros with i7 processor and 512GB storage.