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Huawei Nexus 6P vs. Google Pixel XL – New Comparison


The Huawei Nexus 6P came out about a year ago so it’s a pretty old model by some standards, while the Google Pixel XL has just come out. What might not be so clear from their name is that they are actually part of the same line-up of devices, but Google rebranded the Nexus name and changed it Pixel. This means that the Pixel XL is the successor for the Huawei Nexus 6P.

Here is a comparison between the two devices to see what new things the Pixel XL brings to the table.

Of course, the devices have many things in common, like the AMOLED QHD display, the Gorilla Glass 4 and they’re also approximately the same size. They also feature processors from Qualcomm, but they have different models – the Google Pixel XL has the latest one to come out.

They are also similar when it comes to native storage space. Both devices have two variants – a 32 GB one and a 128 GB one – and there is no way to expand this space.

The two devices also have the same types of cameras and the same type of battery, a 3450 mAh one that supports fast charging tech.

Lastly, they both have the same connectivity options and a fingerprint scanner.

As you can see, there are many similarities that prove the fact that they are related. But there are also many differences that make the Pixel XL a truly wonderful device.

One of them is the most important, the Pixel XL camera. A lot of work has been put into the camera and the camera app and although the specs might not be impressive, the end result is. The shooting abilities of the Pixel XL have been evaluated as being the best ones so far when it comes to a mobile camera.

Naturally, the device also features the newest specs on the market which guarantee an improved experience when compared to its predecessor.


  1. Personally, i am disappointed in the Pixel XL. I have the nexus 6P. i wanted to add my wife to the plan and get myself the pixel XL and wipe the 6P and give to her. But i think i would be getting the raw end of the deal. Smaller screen, no dual speakers and what seems like an huge price increase on what i paid for my 6P. The only thing i really like about google fi is that the phone comes free of bloatwear and in theory i get updates faster. I may decide to get another 6P instead.

  2. I’ll keep my 6P until the next generation. The specs and small increase in performance are nice but not enough to come close to spend almost $800.

  3. For me I’ll keep my Nexus. The Pixel XL would be a downgrade from the Nexus 6P. I watch a lot of media content and I LOVE the 6P’s stereo speakers. I don’t want to have to wear earbuds or headphones for great sound. Also the Pixel doesn’t have wireless charging? That’s like Samsung standard now… I would think that a premium follow-on device to the Nexus 6P would have that enhancement included at this point. I’m rather disappointed.

  4. I’m considering a Nexus 6P or the Pixel– upgrading from a Samsung Galaxy S5 (Verizon). My biggest 2 problems with the S5 are: 1. the bloatware that I never use and can’t uninstall (taking up most of my storage) and 2. It no longer lets me access the phone to make the Tasker app effective (I would have to root the phone to access the features I used to be able to access before the S5). How is the bloatware and device access on these two?

    Thanks for your review.

  5. I’d get the 6P, but if you decide to buy a Pixel, I would recommend not buying from Verizon. I have read multiple articles saying the Verizon phone will have an locked down bootloader and would expect bloatware and slow upgrades.

  6. You can still get the 6p directly from Google, just not from the google store, my 128gb arrives this week… straight from Google…

  7. “And they’re not water resistant, so don’t expect to take them swimming.” Perhaps the only time the author comes near water is when swimming, but there are people who would like to snap photos while sailing, take their phones out of their pockets when it is drizzling, or wear them in a pocket on a humid, hot, sweat-inducing jog. Does the author live indoors at all times, avoiding water with the pathological zeal of a domesticated housecat, or possibly making the occasional frenzied rush to climb into a car? Pathetic.

  8. I am pretty sure the author was just trying to lighten it up and crack a joke. Kept me interested at least.

  9. I’m hoping that our Nexus phones still get all the latest and greatest software, I don’t want to be excluded from anything because I bought a nexus phone so I could have all the latest and greatest software on my phone. So even though the name has changed I hope Google doesn’t forget about the nexus phones

  10. You can still buy the Nexus6P WITH financing like I did from Huawei. Affirm does the financing for Huawei as I had used it for buying the 128GB model on day one. You also did not have to worry about shortages like Google’s Store did.

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