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Hulu APK Update Cleans the UI


The first thing we need to mention about Hulu is that it gives users the ability to enjoy all their favorite TV shows and movies directly through the app. This makes Hulu a great app to have for people who enjoy watching cool shows in their free time and who don’t always want to turn on the TV. Therefore, Hulu brings the TV watching experience to everyone’s Android smartphone.

Hulu APK Update

Considering that Hulu is a huge company that focuses on giving their customer the ultimate viewing experience, no one should be shocked to find out that Hulu keeps rolling out a constant stream of updates to its Android app.

These updates come in form of APK (Android Package Kit) and this is great news because everyone who owns an Android powered device can get their hands on these updates ahead of the official release date. All companies release APK version of their updates so that beta testes and eager users get a chance to see what new features, bug fixes and software tweaks they will receive before everyone else.

Update Changelog

Regarding this latest Hulu APK update, the app’s developers made sure to include a statement in the changelog in order to let Hulu fans know what they’re getting. This is what Hulu’s developers said about the new update:

“Spring cleaning started early for us, but hey! We all like a better looking and working app, don’t we? This time, we got rid of some bugs that were hiding in the UI (user interface) crevices. We also straightened up some tabs and pop-up windows, brought in some scrollbars, and some minor changes to fonts and background colors. We dove right into the finer details of getting you a better app. Enjoy!”