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Ice Cream For Astronauts – Special Delivery To Space!


In the beginning, people wouldn’t even dare to think that we could land on the moon and explore the outer space. Now we’ve reached a truly impressive point: food and other necessities delivery.

No, it’s not a company that does that, it’s just the things the ISS Crew needed for their stay there. In order to properly send “refreshments” to the crew, the SpaceX rocket was launched in space with ice cream. The astronauts from the International Space Station were delighted to see something different and fresher than the usual astronauts’ packages. It was, indeed, real ice cream from Earth.

The SpaceX rocket was recently launched from NASA Kennedy Space Centre (Florida) and headed towards the ISS Crew in space. Its CRS–12 mission was a resupply one and the rocket carried heavy research equipment, different supplies and, of course, chocolate, vanilla and birth-day cake flavored ice cream. Even though the rocket’s journey took 36 hours the astronauts thought that it was worth the wait when they saw the ice cream.

Among the heavy equipment for different projects, the rocket sent the ISS-CREAM tool, which by the way doesn’t have any connection to the eatable ice cream, that helps the astronauts measure certain ray particles.

Vickie Kloeris, NASA’s Space Food Systems Laboratory and the one who brought joy to the astronaut’s stomachs, said that besides the 30 Blue Bell ice cream cups, the astronauts will get Snickers bars too. But the crew also received other things besides food and equipment, namely toilet paper and other similar necessities.

The crew can even ask for different things as well, but so far all they wanted were condiments and coffee. Vickie Kloeris developed a special menu for the astronauts from space, instead of letting them choose everything. She added fruits like apples, avocadoes and healthy food.