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ICON (ICX) to be the Solution for Community Issues


The cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving and new coins show up every day. While some of them might not last long, there a few that look very promising. ICON (ICX) is one of them. Icon aims to improve the community aspects.

The blockchain will connect the communities and it will be a great organization tool. Thanks to this, members will be able to pay for services easily and they can track them as well. This means that community will have to face fewer issues.

Connecting communities

Nodes will connect each community and larger communities with smaller ones. Each member of the community will be able to share an opinion about how they want their community to operate. This means that even at a lower level, decisions can be taken by each member.

Countries can run communities, and they will be able this way to keep the currency. In this case, Icon will be able to work with any currency that is built on the blockchain, and the list includes many names.

What are the future advantages

The icon technology is meant to be used as an improvement tool, and it is supposed to connect block chains in one global network, which would certainly represent a huge step forward. Obviously, this process will take a lot of time, and it will happen gradually.

Hyperconnectivity will be what will change how blockchain works, and each community will be able to use a blockchain identification in order to participate. More than that, block chain could be used for individuals as well. For example, employers should be able to verify an applicant instantaneously. Data for every potential candidate could be stored on the blockchain, and this could be useful for the entire community.

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