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Imperfection in Google’s latest Smartphone is making people switching back to iPhone


Few months ago people preferred Samsung Galaxy S6 than iPhone 6 and later on then Nexus 6P.

Well, according to the reports the users who switched on to Samsung Galaxy S6 faced many troubles like poor battery life and Samsung’s skin layer on the top of android slows down the performance of the phone.

But before users coming on to iPhone, according to the reports they even tried other than Samsung phones also like Google Nexus 6P, which runs on pure android, which is best in making down the  phone skin and Nexus 6P is the phone which gets the latest update by Google as soon as the update gets released.

If we talk about other phones like Samsung, LG, or HTC, they can take even months to get updates from Google.

According to this year reports, many users tried iPhone 6S Plus to try out new iOS, but everytime they returned to nexus, they were more frustrated as it is so easy on Nexus 6P to accidentally press up the volume and power buttons and also very easily the finger print gets activated, which is not at all in iPhone 6 or any of its model.

To be very clear, using Android is not the main problem, there are no issues with it but using Nexus 6P which is so frustrating for the users because of those side buttons of volume and power buttons. They do not get any resistance and they are very to press as they are very loose.

Users are pressing constantly by mistake and the volume gets changed while listening to music, whether the phone is in pocket of the user or its in their hands, as everybody knows that if the power button is turned on then automatically if the phone is in the users pocket it opens app different apps and functions without the notice of user.

The problem would not be there if the buttons were slightly up than right now, as they were use to on Nexus 5, because while holding the Nexus 6P the buttons can be pressed up very easily and the user will be more frustrated than before as the buttons are just right side on Nexus 6P.

On the other side if we talk about iPhone it doesn’t create such panic as they offer much resistance that user will not be pressing them accidentally.

Like, these days the users are great fan of the fingerprint reader which is right back of the Nexus 6P, usually what is happening that if the phone is in the user’s pocket, accidentally the users hand or thumb accidentally touches the fingerprint sensor which awakes the screen and that led to opening up of unnecessary apps which may lead to problem in the users phone.

But that doesn’t means that the user will, never be using Nexus 6P, people loved Nexus 5 but because of some problems in the Volume and Power buttons the users are facing problems otherwise the overall performance of the phone is good.

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