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“Inbox by Gmail” Sharing Trip Itinerary with friends and relatives will be much easier now


Inbox by Gmail is an email app by Google for iOS, Android as well as the browsers Firefox, chrome and safari. The app improves email productivity by allowing the user to fix up or snooze the meetings, messages or events for a later time.

Google is growing massive day by day and bringing up new updates and features every now and then, as the company is growing day by day in terms of technology, the users are getting many new updates which are helping them in their daily life.

We have seen in past many new updates from Google and again Google has updated their Inbox for the users to make their mails organized in much easy way, with all new update Google has came up with the update of its inbox which will make the users various planned trips much more easy to catch up by their friends and family.

As we all know the holidays are about to start after few days and just in time Google has given a gift to the users by updating the Inbox that makes sharing travel itinerary in a very easy way.

This new feature from Google directly targets the trip bundle, which collects the users all upcoming trips and very beautifully present them in a convenient bundle, so that the users may share that info very easily with their family and friends that means the user need not remind their friends and family about the flight arrival and departure.

The users will be able to add emails to their trip by using the MOVE TO menu and user will also be able to view trips offline as well, which is superb for the person who is travelling in plane and need to check something important.

These new features are designed to keep the users in an organized manner and also to keep others in loop.

The best amongst all the features of Google update is improved mobile attachments, which will be giving the users a quick access to their photos and the user can also attach multiple photos at one single time, which is very good if the user want to share photos from the recent family event or get-together.

These all new features are both for Android and iOS.

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