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Inbox Gmail is Now Available on iPhone X


Even though Google and Apple are rivals, the two companies still let their users get access to specific Android and iOS apps. A great example of this is Google’s latest Inbox Gmail which has received a major update that completely refreshes the UI (user interface) and adds a plethora of new features. While Google might be the company directly in charge of Inbox Gmail, iOS fans have been able to access it since launch.

Inbox Gmail is Now Available on iPhone X

On the downside of things, Apple’s latest iPhone X flagship device has not received access to the new Gmail. The reason behind this being that the app needed to be optimized and tweaked out to function on the special looking iPhone that ships with a display top-notch. Fortunately, the new Gmail is finally available for iPhone X.

Available on the App Store

The app is available for free and it can be downloaded straight from the famous Apple App Store. Moreover, the app measures in at 224.9MB and we advise iPhone X owners who wish to get it to download it over a stable Wi-Fi connection in order to avoid using up all their mobile data.

Top Features

Now that Google has made Inbox Gmail available for iPhone X owners, we are going to present some of its top features to give iOS fans an idea of what they will get.

  • Bundles

One of the coolest features that Inbox Gmail brings is the fact that it bundles emails. Therefore, if someone sends you ten emails, then those emails will appear under one single panel, thus making it easier to read or get rid of them.

  • Snooze

iPhone X owners will be able to set snooze timers for their important emails and be reminded of them at a later time.