Home Technology Instagram Trumps Snapchat when it Comes to Replay Privacy Controls

Instagram Trumps Snapchat when it Comes to Replay Privacy Controls


When it comes to Instagram people can’t seem to get enough of it. Some people use it to follow celebrities, some to post their art or their food and others to try and gain on this online platform. People looking to grow their online following may find their selves attracted to RapidBot, a new platform that promises to help both businesses and people to give them active followers and likes.

What is new about Instagram

Recently, Instagram introduced a new direct message feature titled “Keep in chat” which allows users to send pictures that will remain in the chat for users to refer to in their discussion and later on reminiscence about when it’s done. This new option comes after Instagram released the “View Once” and “Allow Replay” in November. A spokesperson for the company said that Instagram’s main focus with these updates is to allow the users to have more control over what they share.

It’s not uncommon for users to want to screenshot a picture that may have been intended just for that person so Instagram’s array of options is a much needed breath of fresh air.

Instagram vs. Snapchat vs. Facebook

It seems that with all these new improvements Instagram is taking the lead and apps like Snapchat and Facebook are trying to get back in the game. For example, Facebook is trying to reinvent its messaging options and Snapchat has seen significant growth over its users’ photo sharing messages.


Looks like the constant battle between Snapchat and Instagram where each one is trying to become the other benefits the users as more and more interesting features seem to pop up from each company as time goes on.  We cannot wait to see what new features will be released from Snapchat or Facebook in order to compete with Instagram. On the other hand, rapidbot can be a nice Instagram helper for your daily uses.