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Instagram Won’t Launch A Reverse Chronological Feed In The Near Future


More than two years have passed since Instagram started using a software algorithm to power its feed. This means that posts show up based on what Instagram thinks you want to see.

The company has been getting complaints from users who miss the old reverse-chronological timeline, and it seems that Instagram addressed the issue.

Unfortunately, it will not give users the option to revert back to see posts in the reverse order in which they’re shared.

“We’re not thinking about this at this time,” said Julian Gutman, the product lead for Instagram feed, during a recent press briefing with journalists which was meant to explain how Instagram’s feed actually works.

Instagram’s reasons

Instagram has its reasons for this decision. It seems that users spend more time on the app with an algorithmic feed rather than with a reverse chronological feed.

According to Instagram, people spend more time on the app because they see more important posts.

With the algorithmic feed, Instagram says that people see 90% of posts from their “friends and family” compared to 50% with the reverse chronological feed.

Friends and family

This is a subjective term used by Instagram which is not exactly defined, but it includes the most important people and brands in a user’s life.

The size of this group differs from user to user, but these are the people that Instagram is currently working to prioritize in your feed.this can be done via an algorithmic feed but not with a reverse chronological one.

“As we’ve dug in more and tried to understand why people ask for chronological, it’s not a universal thing.”

“It isn’t a single reason that people want Chrono, and I think what we’re really trying to understand is what are those different frustrations that people have and how can we build that into their personalized feed experience,” Gutman added.