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Install YouTube on Amazon Fire TV using Kodi


Those who own Amazon Echo Show, Fire TV and FireTV stick are upset due to Google’s decision to block YouTube on those devices. Apparently, this cold war between the two tech giants Google and Amazon are not going to end soon.

The cold war goes on

Back in 2015 Amazon decided to stop selling Chromecast and since then it has been walking on a minefield with Google.

The victims are Fire&Echo owners who found out that Amazon removed listings of Next productions from its website, resulting in Google blocking YouTube on Amazon Echo Show. In January YouTube will also be removed from Fire TV and stick.

How to Install YouTube using Kodi

Kodi is an open-source media player app, but it does not hold media content.

These are the steps to install YouTube on Amazon Fire TV:

  • First step: change setting on Amazon Fire TV: Go to Settings, choose Device, then Developer Options.
  • Second Step: use an Android phone and the Apps2Fire app from Play Store to sideload apps over ADB to the Fire TV.
  • Third Step: download the app and from the Setup tab, click on the Search Fire TVS button. Remember to connect the phone and Fire TV to the same Wi-Fi network.

To enter the IP manually go to Settings, choose Device, choose About and then tap on Network.

  • Fourth step: download he ARM7A(32-bit) version of Kodi on your Android Phone and install Kodi to your Fire Tv.
  • Fifth step: Open the Kodi app on Fire TV and go to the Add-ons section. Select the option Install from the repository and then just customize YouTube as you wish. It is recommended to sig into YouTube so as to skip inducing videos.