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Intel Core i5-7640X – Features, Prices And Characteristics


Intel just released the newest processors which are part of the Extreme Edition. These exclusive processors are dedicated for their devoted users and the Intel Core X-Series’ chips range from having either a Kaby Lake Core i5 to a Skylake Core i9, both of them being engineered with previous architecture.

The Intel Core i5-7640X is the first one from the Extreme Edition and simultaneously, the most affordable one. However, at only $249, the new product raises a certain level of skepticism when it comes to its true value compared to the average chips on the market.

Compared to the rest of the Extreme Edition chips, the i5-7640X has quite a low price. The next model in the X-Series is Intel Core i7-7740X which is $339, represents a significant difference from i5-7640X.

The Intel Core i5-7640X comes equipped with a Kaby Lake chip with four cores and a base clock with 4GHz and the thermal design power is at 112 watts, equivalent to the Intel Core i7 model. In comparison with the price of Intel Core i9-7900X which is $999 and has 140 watts, this new model cannot get any cheaper than this.

Despite the convenient characteristics of the product, such as the low price and the quality performance, the Intel Core i5-7640X is comparable with the current Intel Core i5-7600K and to add to that, you are going to need to purchase a $205 Core X-supporting motherboard, which will double the price of the product.

However, investing the money just in updating the processor to an Intel Core X-Series i7 can be as reasonable as buying a more appealing version on the market that is equally good, the Ryzen 5 1600X, which can be found at a similar price, $229. Ryzen 5 1600X costs a little less and has a 70% superior performance at multi-core tasks.