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Internet Of Things – Reasons Why You should Keep Away From It For The Time Being


Internet of things is a rather unique concept. Just hook everything around you to the internet and control it from one main device.

It saves time, puts you in total control of all situations. But like there are ups to this technological advancement, it can also mean a curse.

The internet of things,  means you have technically connected all of your stuff to the internet, perhaps even your microwave and your car.

As much as we’d love to see you cook from a mobile phone or your car driving up to the portico to pick you up without a driver involved, the domain is still uncharted waters and for the time being, we must leave it be. Call me panicky or outdated, but I would prefer not to use Internet of things, at least for now.

The reason why I am saying this is not just based on availability. The Internet of things actually puts everything around you in the internet.

The web is a place that is teeming with a whole lot of geniuses; these are generally those that have a good grasp over the internet and can control accounts and networks.

They can break passwords, tamper with settings or can even go to the extent of stealing financial information from the user. The hacked PCs can be shut down or made to behave erratically.

Just imagine, if something of this sort is done to your car, then? You’ll then be left stranded in your predicament, and will have nothing to do but to watch your car being taken away by a hacker in front of your eyes.

He can easily infiltrate the car’s security system and can command it to drive to his address instead of allowing you to drive it away. But it does not stop at this. We have also had confirmation of how the internet of things can cause your webcam to come under a hacking threat as well.

The search engine called Shodan, allows users to search for any video on the internet that is being live streamed at that time.

Your webcam video can also be broadcasted without any prior intimation to you. All those webcams that have low security are under great risk of being featured here.

So at the moment it is important to stay away from Internet of things till you get confirmed reports of whether it is completely safe for you to use.


  1. How about hackers remotely “unfreezing” the food in your freezer, turning your lights on and off, opening your door locks or garage door, turning your heating or cooling off through a “smart” thermostat, remotely adjusting your pacemaker or one of a family member? Hacking of some cars has already been demonstrated. Until someone comes up with quantum security or providers include two factor authentication (and not through the same path), there are things that are just not worth exposing for “convenience”.

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