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iOS 11.2.6 Update – Why Should You Install It?


Which gadgets are compatible with iOS 11.2.6?

Just like all iOS 11, iOS 11.2.6 is good with the iPhone 5S or newer and iPad mini 2 or newer.

Apple prompts each good iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to introduce iOS 11.2.6, yet in the event that this has not occurred for unknown reasons, the update can be activated physically by going to Settings, then General, then Software Update. The Apple iOS beta analyzers may need to unroll their gadgets for the update to show up – particularly in the event that they are running the major new iOS 11.3 beta.

The not so good part

We need to warn you: iOS 11.2.6 will break jailbroken iPhones, iPads and iPod touch. In Little progress has been made when it came to jailbreaking the latest iOS 11.

With respect to the initial iOS 11.2.6 stability reports, they are blended. The uplifting news is that issues remain sensibly detached at this stage, however, there are reports that the Touch ID sensors broke, causing iMessage issues, performing odd volume changes, and call problems. Obviously, there’s still a problem with the battery life.


Apple fixed only 2 bugs. One regarding the issue where utilizing certain character sequences could cause applications to crash and the issue where some outsider applications could neglect to connect with external accessories.

Indeed, this isn’t big news, yet they are vital.

With respect to the “outsider applications” settle, Apple neglected to detail the issue, but that doesn’t mean they’d not appear ever again.

With respect to security, Apple’s official page records a solitary CoreText issue where handling a noxiously created string may lead to clump corruption.

Should you really get it?

The essential objective of iOS 11.2.6 has been accomplished: it settles the Telugu character exposure. Be that as it may, this was something just experienced by iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners who had iOS 11.2.5, so in the event that you didn’t move up to iOS 11.2.5, there’s no reason for installing it.