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iOS 11.3 Downgrade To iOS 11.2.6 Via IPSW File


If you’ve updated to iOS 11.3 but want to turn back to older iOS 11 versions here is how to downgrade from iOS 11.3.

Many iOS users are not happy with the new iOS 11.3 features

In reality, there are some reasons why iOS 11.3 is not likable for many iPhone and iPad users.

Firstly, Apple locked the iOS 11.3 very much this time and there are a whole bunch of iOS fans which would like a more customizable operating system for their iDevices.

Secondly, iOS 11.3 seems to come with features activated by default such as the CPU slow-down feature but also others which are designed to improve performance and battery life but turn out to be unpleasant for the users, at the end.

The Solution – iOS 11.3 Downgrade To iOS 11.2.6

iOS 11.2.6 is still signed by Apple so iOS 11.3 downgrade to it is possible in a very simple way.

The first step is to acquire the iOS 11.2.6 version IPSW which can be downloaded from here.

Next, you’ll have to make sure you have the latest version of iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC.

Launch the iTunes on your computer and connect your device via USB cable when prompted. Don’t forget to switch off the “Find my phone” option in the iCloud section, under Settings.

When everything is in place, just press the “Shift” key on your Windows PC’s keyboard or the “Option” key on your Mac’s keyboard. After that, you will be prompted to choose between “Update” and “Restore”. Choose “Restore” to perform a fresh installation (recommended).

Next, you will be asked to select the IPSW file, so, all you’ll have to do is to choose the iOS 11.2.6 IPSW file you’ve downloaded. Then, click on “Restore iPhone”.

Now, the iOS 11.2.6 installation will commence and your iPhone will automatically reboot once the iOS has been restored.

Simply as that, you can perform the iOS 11.3 downgrade to iOS 11.2.6 and enjoy a more accessible iOS version.