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iOS 11 vs. iOS 10 – Best Features and Changes Comparison


The iOS 11 has been officially showcased at the WWDC 2017 and it promises to bring a whole host of features, enhancements and unparalleled customization options to your device. Most of the features that the iOS 11 will be bringing in have been requested for quite a while by the fans. These comparisons are based on pictures displayed at the WWDC 2017.

HomeScreen and Notification Center

Changes have been made to the signal bar, now taking the form of bars on the left side of the screen. Interestingly, folders on the dock no longer have names. The battery icon has also received a slight makeover, with a sleek outline around it being added as well. The font also seems to be a bit bolder when compared to the iOS 10. This is believed to enhance reading in brighter backgrounds.

Control Center

The control center has probably received the biggest change in the iOS update. It is currently completely customizable and will permit you to choose which toggle shows up on it and which not. You will also be able to use 3D touching with the simple toggles and the controls for the music. Besides these, you will also be able to use 3D touching on the flashlight sliders and the interactive display.

Application Store

The application store has been overhauled completely. It is significantly bolder, has larger art and is more orientated towards design. It is now separated in various categories which makes navigating much easier. Categories include Games, Apps, and even Today. The Search and Update tabs are still left in their same position


The Settings application has received an appearance change as well. The name is now leaning more on the left and is much more visible than before. Changes have also been made to the search bar in order to make it fit better in the Settings application.