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iOS 12 Will Bring A New Feature For The Books App On iPhone And iPad


iOS 12 has unveiled a new iPhone and iPad feature today, with Apple announcing some of the updates announced before the update.

iOS 12 will be presented by Apple on June 4th, and this is a pretty sure fact, with the Cupertino-based company confirming its presentation when WWDC 2018 will start in the US.

Yesterday, months before the official iOS 12 presentation, Apple revealed a new iOS 12 feature which will be implemented by Apple in one of the native applications of the future iPhone and iPad models.

iOS 12 Books app will get a new cool feature

iOS 12 is about to have a Books app with some changes implemented by Apple, including a new Today section that will allow easier discovery of books. Apple wants to promote books and authors through its app in a format that helps users discover them more easily.

Apple is hiring an editorial team to select all the creations to be promoted for iPhone and iPad users through Books before launching iOS 12.

Apple wants to change the design of the Books app in iOS 12 to a great extent, and the new Today section will be similar to App Store.

iOS 12 will bring more performance enhancements than new features

iOS 12 was thought by Apple to focus on improving user experience and performance, not necessarily to bring new major features for iPhone and iPad.

However, as this very one feature present here, there will be more new changes in iOS 12 but of the same ‘lower magnitude’.

In fact, this iOS 12 new feature in Books app a minor change which, for many, will not even be noticed but even but it is worth mentioning it for the interested people who like reading books on their iPhone or iPad.

iOS 12 with its new features and performance improvements will be presented on June 4th by Apple, after which the first beta for iPhone and iPad will be launched, while the public version will not be available until September.