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iOS 9.2.1 Is Now Available To Download – Lots Of Bug Fixes To Be Delivered


iOS 9 upgrades are coming one after another and it is really a very good news for iPhone or iPad users.

In process to upgrade the 9.2 beta to 9.3 beta version was not just up to the mark where there were number of security loopholes.

Looking forward to this Apple has update the version and launched iOS9.2.1 on Tuesday. This iOS is available over the air on your device.

The iOS9.2.1 is the first time the OS has been updated in the year 2016. On test running iOS 9.2.1 it was found that  this version of the OS was not just fixing multiple executions of hackers  exploitation, but also remote code accessibility.

iOS 9.2.1 also includes a solution to fix a particular issue to stop application using on Mobile Device Management.

The reason why iOS9.2.1 must be adopted by the users is because of the number of problems it is actually designated to fix.

The app installation problems while using an MDM server is not something you will have to deal with anymore, since the app fixes there problems.

On other hand there are certain loop holes also in iOS 9.2.1. What we have got in iOS9.3 in the form of the Night Shift feature, that controls the changing of color of screen and contrast during night time is also not available in iOS 9.2.1, much to the disappointment of the people.

Another thing which we will also miss that is there is no solution about the bug which cause fast battery drainage were being found in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

But with all this, where do you head over to check which version of the OS you are currently running? In order to know if you are eligible to get this version of iOS or not, then you will have to check on  the current version by .

First you have to go to ‘Settings’, then’ General’, then’ Software’ and then’ Update’. You can also update  your Apple PC or MAC via iTune.

The file size is about 40 MB and it is available over the air for you to download. You can also update the device by going to iTunes and getting the update from there.