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iOS 9.2 Available For All and Everything New For All


The first iPhone OS 1 was launched in January 2007, from 2007 to current time period iPhone is upgrading day by day specially in it’s operating system.

Back to back iPhone is giving every year a new update with a new masterpiece, new phone, with new designs that attracts the customers at first sight.

According to the reports, iOS is behind Android but still iPhone is known for its clever ecosystem that runs like anything and is known as the second most popular operating system in the world.

From iOS 1 to iOS 9, now here comes iOS 9.2 from apple with all new features in one packet.
In iOS 9.2 the music lover customers will find many changes in Apple music, with new apple music application that supports for creating new playlists as soon as you will add up a new song and the other good feature in regards to the music, the user will able to download full music albums and playlist from there iCloud library and much more.

And there is a good news for book worms, apple has introduced 3D touch for iBooks, and also to make readers more easy to read the news, apple has introduced a new “Top Stories” feature in the news application which will make the users up to date (available in United states, Australia and United Kingdom) and also few improvements in safari browser.

The other good feature in apple’s update is Siri will be supporting Arabic also which is available in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Updates including new inporovemennts, bug fixing and many more things:-
* Music improvements
*User can create new song lists
*Download Albums and playlists from iCloud music Library by tapping iCloud download button.
*User would able to see the number of songs downloaded through the new download  indicator next to each song.

  • For sending large attachments there will a mail drop in mail.
  • While browsing or searching other things in your library,
  • To import photos and videos, iPhone will be supporting the USB camera adapter.
  • Issues will be fixed for the users who face overlap text in mails.
  • Issues will be fixed where camera on iPad screen goes black while capturing videos.
  • While using Quick Reply keyboard response will be much better for users.
  • The users will be able to login easily to Find my iPhone.
  • Stability of podcasts have been improved

Stability of Safari is improved.

Now, if we talk in terms of accessibility improvements there are few improvements as well in the new update of iOS 9.2, voice over when using camera Face detection has been improved a lot in the new update , support has been added for voice over to wake up the screen, 3D Touch gesture has been added for app switcher.

Few, functions have been added for switch control users when using 3D gesture, issues have been fixed for speech rate of speak screen as well.

We would like to know the experiences from you on the new update iOS 9.2 from Apple.